Peel And Stick Solar Panel Technology Will Soon Be Everywhere

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One of the greatest new inventions in solar energy is the arrival of peel and stick solar. Literally just like a decal, peel and stick solar panels have a strong adhesive that allows the panel to adhere to any flat surface, whether it be curved or not. How is this possible?

Peel and stick solar panels are made from the latest thin film, flexible solar technology. The solar panels are essentially printed on thin film flexible silicon using a new, proprietary technology. That makes the peel and stick solar panels not only thin and lightweight, but also flexible.

This throws the door completely open in terms of usefulness. Can you imagine having a solar decal that you can stick to any smooth surface. People could put them on the sides of homes, on boats, on the tops of RVs, on the roofs of vehicles, and probably more. Once this technology becomes known and more generally available, people will find all kinds of interesting ways to use it.

One more awesome thing concerning peel and stick solar technology is the cost. Thin film solar is starting to become amazingly efficient and cheap nowadays. Due to the fact that the materials needed are so few, and the fact that the solar material can be very quickly printed onto flexible silicon sheets, this makes the producing process both efficient and cheap. That’s a great combo.

Due to those 2 factors, the cost and the usefulness of peel and stick solar panels, I believe they’re primed for an explosion of popularity in the approaching years. Everybody is looking for ways to easily go green without heavy costs or annoying installations. Peel and stick solar solves both of those problems. While the current models are still somewhat unknown and a bit pricey, both those issues will soon fade as this technology continues to become known and to come down in price.

Peel and stick solar panel technology is an amazing developing advancement. The Unisolar 68 watt 12 volt panel review is an excellent place to begin. It is a model that’s already available for purchase.

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