Outsource Successfully Using Evernote, Lastpass and Freedom

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In today’s video tutorial, I’m going to provide you with my three top beneficial and time saving software that I utilize in my home business. And, I’ve been receiving a lot of people asking me this question, “How can I protect a lot of things being portable and save it all on the internet?” So, I thought let’s just take a look at excellent applications that I use day by day and it does help me keep everything. It is because is just when you misplaced your laptop or you’ll lose crucial computer data on your laptop, everything will be supported or saved on the web. Therefore, allowing an individual the so-called paperless office.

In my opinion, I try to keep everything at least so that’s why I try to have all my papers and everything like records and things like that I put online. First of all I would like to show you today is the application called Evernote which you’ll be able to visit and it’s a really modern type of tool. It’s an online-based tool but you can also set it up from PC and also Mac, you’ll find it allows you to have desktop software. The real reason for Evernote is that what happens is that any scenario that you wish to capture either via camera, via scan document or even getting onto from a website, you can place it all into Evernote. You’ll never ever have to write everything down as it provides you with to put all on the web for free. So to download Evernote, all you have to do is just simply click on here, it says “Download now”.

One more piece that I highly suggest and I use everyday is LastPass. LastPass is an automatic password filler for you. It’s the simplest program that you’ll find that will protect all those rather than saving into spreadsheet or saving into whatever else like another software, it’s just so much straightforward. What you’ll find is say as an example if you need to add in your password to access your Gmail account, or all that needs a log in and a password, this will immediately fill out for you. All you have to do is only just download LastPass here. What will happen is that once it’s downloaded or installed its program right here, and once it’s installed on your browser, it’ll help you complete your passwords. I’ll provide you with how uncomplicated it is right now and I’ll log into just a sample account.

So I’m going to log right into say for example my Google account here, all I have to do is just press the Up and Down key, it allows me to browse through all the usernames and passwords which it fits right. Once you’ve done that and you’re happy with that, all you have to do is only click Sign in. What happens is that, it’ll quickly sign you and what goes on is that it will automatically sign you in and as a consequence you don’t have to remember everything which is good in so many ways and likewise much more beneficial and fast.

The next tool that I’m going to demonstrate is called Freedom. Freedom’s an awesome little piece of application. If you’re similar to me who gets distracted quite easily online, I can guarantee you that this software will cease you against doing that. Freedom is a application which confines access to your Internet browser and network access to anything and it allows you just to focus just on the tasks that you’re doing right now. So, give it a go. These are the three top programs that I recommend to give it an attempt out because these things help much improve the overall output in my home business.

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