Defining Exhibition Goals and Objectives in the Marketing and Advertising Plan

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Your trade show sales and marketing plan should inform any executive at your company why it’s a good idea for you to be exhibiting at the trade show you have chosen. Accordingly, it’s important to include in the plan measurable objectives and goals for the show. As you begin to make a list of goals, you want to keep in mind that when the show is over, you will be using these to gauge your success as regards how well you achieved these objectives and goals. Keep them realistic.

First, you will need to have goals and objectives for the goods and services area of your business. If your company offers a lot of products and/or services, then it will be necessary to narrow your focus in this arena to only a few goals. As this process begins, it’s vital that you look at the goals, needs, and objectives of your key prospects who will be attending the trade show. What products and services do you offer that are going to be most attractive to your target guests?

Goals in the services and goods categories do not need to be sales-based. Instead, they are better if based mainly on Return on Objectives (ROO) which measures if specific activities have been accomplished. Goals and objectives that might fall into this category may include any of the following:

– A demonstration of features, benefits, or data
– A comparison of your products and services with other solutions or vendors
– A demonstration of an improvement in a service or a product
– A spotlight on a new product or service

The second category for which you should have measurable targets and goals is marketing, sales, and research data points. Even if you are already working with your qualified leads when it comes to this category, widen your focus a bit! Think outside the box a little with this class and talk to some other departments in your company. Is project management or is R&D working on something that could profit from exposure at this trade show? Ask around. You could be stunned at what you learn and the new concepts that grow.

Keep in mind that every time you exhibit at a trade show, you will want to create a new selling plan for that show. Although,when it comes to the networking as a goal in itself, you may notice that your objectives and goals are the same everywhere, show to show. It’s likely the only actual difference you may see in this category is quantitative – the number of events and contacts you might hope to achieve will change depending on the specific show.

At the end of the targets section of your marketing plan, you need to list your measurable goals. These goals are what you may track to measure how successful your exhibition at the trade show actually was. Examples of quantifiable goals could be:

– Make contact with a certain number of key prospect decision makers.
– Set up a certain number of sales meetings per salesperson to take place at the show.
– Establish a certain number of new leads.
– Have a certain number of meetings with the media at the show.

When you reach the trade show, and in the course of the show, you will be able to tell who planned for the show and who failed to make a plan. You will be surprised to see how much better your team looks and how much better your team functions because you took the time to get ready for the trade show and set these goals.

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