Order Fulfillment: Finding the Right Service

1 Comment 19 May 2011

Find the correct order fulfillment service might be a daunting task. Once you begin to check, you’ll find many companies from big corporations with huge warehouses and locations throughout the world to smaller companies offering an even more personalized outsourcing experience.

Like several the category of business, you will find quantities of service and commitment that cover anything from pretty bad to outstanding; that’s a sizable pool to wade through. You will discover things you can do to make sure you get service which fits your needs and budget.

One thing to remember about determining the best order fulfillment system is that this needs to be a stable one. If you can’t trust your orders being met together with your fulfillment house, then your customers can’t trust their orders being met by you. So understand that whichever service you decide, it’s going to represent your organization. When they look bad, you appear bad and that’s the gospel truth.

A great way for finding your requirements is to ask why you’re considering outsourcing initially. Are you alone doing your order fulfillment and you don’t have enough time to the anymore? Or maybe you are tired of performing a warehouse and employees, and all the headaches that include that end on the business. No matter what, you’ll find companies that focus on your distinctive needs, and plenty of that will appeal to multiple different types of businesses.

Another key to choosing the best service will be to decide precisely what services you would like. What’s your industry or niche? Promofill works together products inside of a multitude of industries and commits to learning everything we can about those industries we’ve yet to input. For just about any as your customer is choosing your online business as a result of expertise you provide. Everyone with your supply chain must represent the credibility of the business; from manufacturing to shipping.

Once you’ve found a company that meets your industry’s standards, there are still several factors to consider, starting with exactly which type of service you need. Many companies will allow you to track the entire pick, pack and ship process. This might not be important if you’re ok with handing over control to the experts – so why pay for services you simply won’t use.

It’s wise to look at companies that work with business owners who have the same needs that you do. If they can do the job for a company with a similar business model as yours, odds are they’ll meet your needs as well. When interviewing providers, ask for references and don’t put them aside once you get them – check them thoroughly! Ask the references if they still use the fulfillment house’s services and, if they don’t, ask why. You’ll never know if you don’t ask and the question you fail to ask could be the one that hurts your business.

When narrowing down your order fulfillment choices, you need to remember that it’s your customer that keeps you in business. If they aren’t happy they’ll leave, costing you more in customer acquisition dollars with each departure. Obviously you see where this is going. Think about your customers’ expectations carefully before choosing a fulfillment house. For example, if you run a small, family owned business that prides itself on it’s personalized packaging, customers aren’t likely to be thrilled with their order if it comes in a plain box from a third party warehouse. The company you choose has to cater to your customer just as much as you do. Remember, they’re not ordering from the fulfillment house – they are ordering from you and the packaging should say as much.

In the end, the order fulfillment service you choose has to meet your needs at a price you can afford. If it doesn’t make your life easier by saving you time, hassles or money; you’re going to be disappointed. The impact on your company, as a whole, can be significant without a worthwhile partner in your corner. Promofill prides itself on being a partner you can grow with. We specialize in making your life easier and handling the details so you don’t have to. Visit us at to learn more.

Promofill helps you discover order fulfillment and using it to improve your sales automation process.

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  1. Eric Brown says:

    Great primer to help those looking for an order fulfillment company. I would add to this, the relationship & communication with the fulfillment house is equally important too. Anyone can pick and pack. We view ourselves here at Fulfilltopia as business partners with our clients. If they grow, we grow. We truly have a vested interest in their business.

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