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No matter what technology has brought to us over the years, many people still love to have regular old-fashioned business card holders at their disposal.

Even though these holders had almost been replaced a few decades ago with the invention of an electronic Rolodex device that was meant to store information from each of the business cards we received, it was cumbersome, difficult to use because everything had to be input directly into the device, and of course as any type of technology ultimately does, it died.

Because there was no way to back up this electronic data, many business people were frustrated to learn that during the six or nine months of using this new device they relied heavily on it and actually threw away the business cards whose information they were trying to capture permanently.

During the 1980s as we were a embracing the very beginning of the technology age, many of the business card holders were thrown into drawers as we turned our allegiance to the newly released electronic Rolodex devices. Anyone with any interest in gadgets ran out to buy their own new electronic gadget that supposedly would replace forever the need to carry copious numbers of business cards with us at all times.

Recent improvements have shown us that you can have your business card holder and a PDA too! Scanners have allowed us to capture virtual images of business cards that can be stored on computers, smart phones, PDAs, etc. This ability frees up space in our briefcases or purses and still affords us the opportunity to have immediate access to all the information on any business card without any guesswork. These new electronic devices are in fact our new business card holders.

Aside from these electronic versions of the business card holders, holders come in to basic formats. One of course is the type of book or booklet into which we would place individual business cards into slots or sleeves and we would carry this around with us or, if it was too large, we would simply keep it at the office as a convenient reference material.

This technology doesn’t replace the beautiful leather business card binders that many of us still like to use. There’s something about being totally hands on that gives us a sense of control over our files and business data.

For all intents and purposes, these computers and PDAs have become newer versions of business card holders. However, many of us still refuse to give up our leather bound holders!

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