Online Marketing Campaign Planning And SOSTAC

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The model known as online digital marketing strategy planning with SOSTAC has been patented by PR Smith, author of several books on marketing, and particularly online marketing. The term is actually an acronym, the individual letters standing for Situational analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control. Although every marketing plan is unique the model covers the essential elements that should be in every plan.

Managers will find it useful to access the website and obtain the free templates that are available. These may be regarded as instruments which will help to reduce costs and aid efficiency. It is the aim of all marketers to increase sales, and the SOSTAC model is designed to meet this aim.

Situational analysis is a procedure used in other fields although it is considered essential in marketing. External and internal information is gathered and applied to the present in an effort to establish ‘where we are’ in a situation. Psychology, Educations and even Marriage Guidance practitioners used this methodology which is so useful at the outset of a campaign.

After situational analysis the next logical step is to set objectives. It is important that they should be clear and realistic. For example it is futile to plan beyond what a budget will allow but wise to be effective within that budget. These sort of realistic details need to be enumerated and articulated in a good plan.

In deciding up on the best tactics to be employed questions need to be asked about how different market segments may see the product, and how that market segment might best be approached. In a country where different groups of the population are polarized this could be tricky. For example, advertisements aimed at one section of the population could antagonize another section. This calls for clever and tactful tactics.

An action plan will get down to nitty gritty aspects of the plan. As the plan is put into action it must be decided who does what, when and how. Details of the resources available to various personnel need to be decided in order to ensure smooth operation without friction.

Once all other aspects of a plan have been clearly delineated it is important to control it. This can be done by relating action performance measurements to the established objectives. Performances of all team members will have to be measured and appropriate steps taken when targets are not met. An important aspect of control is dealing tactfully and sensitively with problems. In any human enterprise relationships between protagonists can make or mar the whole endeavour.

The digital marketing strategy planning with SOSTAC template offers managers contemplating either terrestrial or virtual campaigns an ideal opportunity to work within a structured framework that has been tried and tested and proved effective on all levels.

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