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There are typically two sorts of companies in the United States. One that everyone seems to be familiar with is the for profit company. A for profit company is one that exists for one reason, to make a profit. The second, and equally known organization is an IRS Non Profit. A non profit company also exists for one reason, to do charitable work. Both are significant and each are unique in the way they operate and the jobs they do. You’ve come to this article because you wish to know more about a charitable organization. Read on and we shall explore the arena of the nonprofit 501c3 organization.

The non-profit organization has been in existence for over 700 years and the oldest nonprofit in the world still operating is National Confederation of the Italian Misericordie (Mercies), the oldest voluntary service organization which still exists. It is found in Florence, Italy and goes back to 1244 and its influence is from Christianity.

In the beginning, nonprofit organizations were called and know as a Confraternity. Confraternities can be traced to the 1st Christian communities. Christianity grew and prospered through community and series of associations. This was in contrast to the social disintegration which was taking place all around it. This community is explained in the book of Acts of the Apostles in the Holy Bible. Each one of these communities (associations) were shaped by its meeting, its rules, its members and its funding; along with its part of the religious and professional Confraternities federation. In the beginning, the institutions did not like or accept the Confraternities and placed difficulties in their way looking to disband them. At last they became accepted and took on the structure of the Roman “colegi”, keeping them connected with the evangelic brotherhood. Non profit service associations literally came from social and religious customs by the collusion of the Christian community living life together. They learned to put others ‘ wishes before their own and that transmittable behavior birthed what we know today as Nonprofit work. (“Jubilaum Internationale Confraternitatum – Acta”, Don Vincenzo Paglia, Roma 1984.)

A modern non-profit starts by incorporating in the state in which it will do business. Optionally, it can file for tax exemption with the IRS which give its donors the ability to subtract contributions given to it from their annual tax payment to the IRS. A nonprofit is permitted to earn a decent profit, called a surplus, however the profit needs to be used by the organization on itself and its programs, unlike a for profit company which issues stock and pays dividends.

A non profit is owned and controlled by a board. The majority of the nonproft’s board cannot be related and controls all aspects of the charitable organization. While there could be a director and other workers, unlike a for profit company, the board members are its governance. In addition, the nonprofit’s board can not gain personally in any fashion that’s taxable from the nonprofit.

Many are most acquainted with charitable non-profit organisations whose activities stay involved around charitable, spiritual and academic goals. These charities selflessly serve others in several capacities where they can’t help themselves. Many who serve in these nonprofits are the unsung heroes of present day.

From humble beginnings inspired by a group of Christians caring for one another, to present day where hundreds of uncountable billions of funding dollars are given and controlled by nonprofits, charitable nonprofits are literally on the front lines of society very like they were in religious history. In a present time where the rich are showered with praise for their personal accomplishments, the nonprofit continues resolutely changing the world in formidable and shocking deeds.

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