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Non Profit Consulting Myth

When times get hard, many non profits turn to a non profit consulting group to find answers. However , non profit consulting groups make running a successful non profit look more difficult than it has to be. When resources are tight and you need more volunteers, spending more cash for consulting is not the answer. In a matter of a couple of days you can change an under funded nonprofit organization into one which has ample funding without the help of specialists. The key is to focus as much attention on developing and catering to your donors as you do your non profit’s mission. Let’s take a look at how you can develop relationships with donors and increase your donation base all without the help of non profit specialists.

Money is not ever the problem, the absence of relations with those that care about you and your non-profit is. People put their money and donations into what gives them joy and fulfillment. Non profit consulting groups want you to think that there’s a magical formula that may be applied and funding starts to roll in. There’s not, there is just a couple fundamental principals that when applied is the basis of building relationships. When you care as much about the donor as you do the non-profit you’ll build solid relationships that support your non-profit.

Non Profit Consulting 101

For a few moments trade places with the donor and companies you hope to receive funding from. Think through everything you do to show your donors you care about them as much as their money. You see, there is no complicated secret to developing donors, you need to care about them and treat them like real people. If you was a person who donated to your non profit, what would you like to understand and how would you enjoy being treated? Now adopt a donor development program focused on that and you are halfway to finding the funding.

Non Profit Consulting 201

Communication as well as involvement play an important role in building relations. When a person or corporation financially supports a nonprofit organization, they’d like to stay informed and active. It is a courting process that should develop, just like when a man meets the love of his life. There should be multiple ways that a donor can get info regarding your non profit and far more ways that they can be engaged. Develop friendships and relationships with people and corporations and their funding will follow.

Non Profit Consulting 301

Ultimately, stop using valuable finances on outside help. You signed up to run and fund a nonprofit, not hire others to do it for you. Use the funding you have got to develop you and your staff’s capabilities not an outside non profit consulting group. An external group like that will never know your non profit and its donors as well as you. Concentrate all your efforts in donor development on building robust relationships and take some grant writing classes to access grant funding. Studying how to employ your time sensibly between developing donors and realizing your nonprofit’s mission will give your non profit balance to secure the funding it needs. Above all don’t look to outside non profit consulting when it can all be accomplished by building powerful and significant relationships with people who could be donors.

The secret that non profit consulting groups do not want you to grasp is, you can do as well as they can by simply caring about the people who want to support you. Get involved in the lives of donors and get them involved on a personal level and you’ll have all of the funding you want without the non profit specialist.

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