Navigating The Do Not Call Registry As A Real Estate Professional

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For profitable real estate agents, there is nothing more aggravating or possibly damaging than violating the national Do Not Call Registry. This registry was produced to protect customers from aggressive telemarketers and sales people, and much like the CanSpam act, it has done its job fairly well. Alas, for many small business people, and those that broker real estate, compliance with this law can be difficult, cumbersome and expensive.

Not considering of the fiscal impact, it is the responsibility of REALTORS to uphold this law. Any documented violation of the DNC guideline can result in a swift and considerable fine for the real estate agent. More notably, action in recent years for violators has been dire. Thus, the benefits of compliance far outweigh the risks.

Luckily, for real estate agents that actively prospect on the phone, there is a simple solution. Lead generation services like the Real Estate Data Exchange,, include the ability to scrub their leads through the national DNC registry as an automated part of their service. This results in a clean list of prospective customers who are all DNC compliant. As a basic part of their service, companies like the RedX provide a comprehensive way to scrub listing leads against the DNC registry. This feature provides REALTORS with the added assurance that they can prospect customers and call their list of leads and be assured that they will not accidentally violate the DNC act.

It is important to note that the RedX is only one numerous tools that include a DNC verification as a fundamental part of their service. Services vary and the quality of the various marketing and lead generation services are widely different. Therefore, as a real estate agent or small business professional, you should always look for services that include automated processes that address the legal limitation of prospecting such as the DNC registry or the CanSpam act.

The onus of compliance is on you, and the consequences of violating the law can be severe.

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