Mobile Marketing Tools: The 4 Key Steps of SMS Services

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For the uninitiated, SMS services seem a cloud of connections that don’t quite make sense. But although it appears dense, networking via SMS is simple. There are many online companies supplying SMS services, which only need a web connection and a communication plan to get started. Whether mobile marketing is new territory or old hat, the 4 steps to SMS service success are the same:

1. Get out there

In a nutshell, SMS services let you send and receive text messages using a database of contacts. To receive, first you have to get out there. Advertisements or features in print, radio, and outdoor formats lend themselves well to this. The only thing you should add is a call-to-action: a specific keyword which interested parties can text to your SMS services’ shortcode (short phone number such as 19 33 33).

2. Build a list

Good SMS services automatically compile the senders’ details into a database once a text message is received from the ad or feature. If customers texted in their postal or email address, this will appear here too. As an opt-in database, this list is in essence your ‘subscribers’ who requested to be contacted. But contacts don’t have to be customers: SMS services also operate with staff, business partners or potential investors. Just customise the call-to-action depending on your group.

3. Send away!

When texts are received, most SMS services allow you to have an automatic immediate reply which is composed in advance. This is set up via online software, which often monitors the time and date of texts received as well, which is useful for determining an ad’s effectiveness. Whether you are reminding of an appointment, thanking for an entry into a competition, distributing a discount or sending other information, this feature is the key to SMS software.

4. Rinse and repeat

SMS software allows the user to send and receive as many text messages to as many people as they like. Some users only need to distribute one round of text messages for an advertising campaign; while others will make long-term use of their contact database, sending out regular texts which operate as a replacement for an email subscription list.

SMS software is a great way to communicate with a group of people intimately, as well as being highly accessible. A simple online search can find reputable SMS software suppliers, such as the mobile marketing experts TXT2GET.

As the Country Manager of TXT2GET Australia Andrew Campbell is passionate about SMS services. You can find out more about mobile marketing industry trends and get some general inspiration on marketing, advertising and SMS from his blog.

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