Methods for Attracting People to Your Website

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It’s not absolutely necessary to have a website to make money, but if you choose to have one it needs to be well optimized for marketing. Naturally, you’ll need to make it possible for people to find it. All those folks who visit your site and love it are collectively called, traffic – website traffic, search engine traffic, etc. This is because the more people who see your site, the more likely you are to make sales and earn money. Just like applying for a job, you want to make as much as possible – so that is the point to it all. Ok, let’s move onto how you can make those traffic stats look impressive.

Site submission using a search engine’s submission form: Do not use Google’s form, but it’s ok to do so with smaller, secondary engines for certain reasons – it will only help and not hurt. The reason for this is that it can take much longer than necessary, and you can get at least your home page indexed in Google very quickly using social media methods. Submitting your site, manually, to the smaller engines will take a little time, but not a huge amount. You can definitely receive traffic from them and rank easier, the major engines will also view that as your site being more popular. You may or may not know that it’s possible to get backlinks in many ways, also – some count more than others in terms of backlink “weight.” This will help you with Google because your backlinks will appear to be more natural, and they do take that into some consideration.[youtube:AdOo-ajNpMo?fs=1;For heaps more great information on affiliate marketing, be sure to visit Corbin Proverb\’s [link:Online Business Opportunity] blog.;]

So, ok… you can produce articles in your market and submit to directories and other places. Make sure that, in the resource box most article directories afford you, you include a link to your website. You can submit to as many directories as you like. Some article directories, the better ones, will frown on submitting an article that has also been submitted to a lot of other places. Some directories are pretty hard about this, and they’ll ban you for doing it. To avoid this problem, just write some fresh articles each week, and then spin them using a good program. As you keep doing this, your name will become recognizable as will your website, and your traffic numbers will reflect this.

You should try to take advantage of offline marketing, as well. There’s real power and potential for the right kind of markets and offline advertising. A well-written classified ad in magazines can bring you a lot of traffic. You can use giveaway items in offline stores if they’ll let you do it. Marketing in offline venues will reach an audience of people who may not be used to IM techniques, so that could help you with sales.

People just don’t realize how many different ways exist to create traffic to a site. You’ll always want methods that are sustainable over the long-run. With just an hour a day you can accomplish enough to bring in hundreds of visitors. This means that you are creating hundreds of possible sales opportunities. If you keep at it, you’ll be able to create a full-time income for life.

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