May I Load My Vehicle With Household And Personal Items When Using Auto Transport

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Truthfully there is only one answer to this question based upon several facts and situations, although many different answers are given by many different people.

That real answer is determined by the FMCSA (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) which is the D.O.T. and of course by the carriers own insurance company.

1. Your carrier has “cargo” insurance that covers him and his cargo, not yours. So it does not cover items that are loaded inside your car. If that item you placed inside your car flies around and breaks your car radio, it is not insured, so you lose.

2. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (The FMCSA) has a rule saying that no household goods may be transported inside your vehicle. Licensing is their prime motive. Your Carrier has a license enabling him to move and transport automobiles and vehicles. It does not give him the authority to transport household goods and personal property. In order to do this he would have to apply for an additional license.

In addition to obtaining additional insurance and bonding, this would require filing the necessary forms and paying required fees.

3. Weight is a very good reason not to load your vehicle with personal and household goods when shipping by auto transport carriers.

Common thinking would indicate that “my stuff only weighs a couple of hundred pounds” but please remember that your car is only one of about ten on his truck. Multiply your couple of hundred pounds by the ten cars loaded and it turns into a couple of thousand pounds. Your carrier has to cross the scales many times while in transit to your destination. Scale busters pay big fines and penalties, not to mention the additional fuel used just to transport these vehicles.

So, with the above listed reasons in mind, the answer to your question is emphatically no.

Some auto transport brokers might tell you that it is all right for you to load “just a few items”, or “up to 100 pounds” or maybe “not over 200 pounds in the trunk” or some other figure.

So, are they right ? No, in spite of their attempts to capture your business by being agreeable. They can’t change the law.

Anytime an “advisor” suggests you break the law, they quickly go into hiding when you get caught.

Your should use only those top-notch Brokers and Carriers who want your business and want it done safe, fairly, and in a completely legal manner.

When ready to ship your vehicle, go to websites that offer quotes and give them the information they request. They will provide you with quotes on shipping your vehicle by several of the really great trucking companies that they recommend. There will never be an obligation, you can select the one you want, or simply select none. with quotes in hand you will be a much better shopper.

Some good advice, be safe, be smart, and pick a reputable Broker/Carrier.

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