Mattress Storage Bags: Information On Vacuum Seal Storage Bags

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Those well-liked vacuum-sealed storage bags are flexible, multi-dimensional and risk-free. Shoppers are finding interesting short and long-term applications for the air-tight, water resistant storage bags.

One of those applications is for food storage. These bags are a far cry from your old lunch container or perhaps from those zip-lock type self sealing bags that are not totally moisture free and have oxygen left in the bags. The modern vacuum-sealed bags prolong the lifespan of canned items, leftovers, sandwiches and just about almost everything else, except liquid items.

How Do They Work

As new producers have come to see the attraction of the bags, different designs have resulted. This may include different ideas on how to best draw the oxygen in the storage bag. One manufacturer even requires the customer to purchase a vacuum sealer that’s about the size of one of those three-hole punch machines in your business office.

The consumer packs the bags with whatever non-liquid food products or canned goods are needed. Make certain to leave about a 3 inch distance to the open mouth of the bag. Slide the open end directly into the sealer and turn on the control switch. The device then sucks all the air from within the bag. Once the special bag is oxygen-free, the vacuum heat seals the package.

The explanation a 3 inch gap is suggested is so that each time you enter the bag to take out items, you have enough room to reseal the bag within the future. The user can include as many new products as reasonable. This water-tight tote could be stored in either a drawer or in a fridge.

One more Kind

Other manufacturers have developed other solutions, the most well-liked of which is a top loading bag that features a self-contained oxygen valve. Once the bag is loaded, again permitting a two-three inch gap, and the bag is shut, the user connects the household vacuum hose towards the air valve and draws all the oxygen from inside the bag.

To seal this unit, simply attach your vacuum hose to the valve and absorb all the air inside. When convinced there is no oxygen in the bag, turn the valve off and you’re good to go.

One benefit of this storage bag is the stackable shape of the unit. Several bags can be installed in the freezer, refrigerator or on drawer shelves. These are similar to the bags used by the majority of the home improvement stores, who have large volumes of food to store for periods of time.

Shapes and Sizes

The bags with their own sealing device are marketed in two basic sizes. The 8? or 11? rolls are 18 feet in length. The bags are made of polyethylene and have an outer protective layer of nylon. Other producers use other means to avoid puncture holes, the biggest threat for any vacuum-sealed bag. As soon as the bag is pierced the environment is altered.

Twelve producers produce the bags. Some are clear-colored while others have colorful designs. There are wide discrepancies in prices, but study the items very carefully and do some research. Like all products in a competitive market, you usually get what you spend for. In any situation this is one area where right design is helping to preserve food goods longer, allowing the client to purchase in volume and save money. The correct vacuum-sealed storage bag provides a win-win solution.

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