Mastering the Primal Mind And Enforcing Response

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Economics and the success of a city, state, country or company is typically a matter of cash exchange and commerce within that region which stimulates growth and attracts the affluent and partners to globalize this success. What is often times overlooked is the basic element of successful economics which is, ‘happiness’.

I was able to speak to economist James Scott, CEO of Princeton Corporate Solutions, a global strategies firm that has mastered the unique combination of political and corporate tie-ins with an end result that has been able to revitalize companies, cities and countries with staggering results. I asked him about the factors that induce spending, enforce brand recognition and topple mainstream powers unwilling to bend when a new strategy is being implemented.

“That’s a loaded question”, responded Scott, “but if I had to pick one of the most prominent factors it would have to be happiness with is a direct reflection of the satisfaction or dissatisfied primal mind.” He continued, “Though you are a singular individual you are, in reality two separate people defined by the conscious mind and the primal mind. The Conscious mind manages daily intellectual activity and the primal mind is usually the area of focus for me at the onset of a campaign because it is the area of the mind when all contributors are in place will enable optimal delivery with a carefully devised message which is meant to stimulate a current and future response. The primal mind governs our greatest hopes and fears, loves and hates and all matters of the heart. This is the part of man that is always on the lookout for instantaneous gratification and pleasures. An automatic response by this faculty is to attach an anchor to the person, place or thing that delivers the most gratifying result that fulfills the broadest range of satisfaction with the strongest promise of ongoing empirical deliver ability. The primal mind reacts to matters of ‘gut instinct’ which responds to basic needs by analyzing contributors for characteristics which enable prolonged survival. Sex, shelter, creativity, love, fulfillment and basic shelter are all prominent aspects of the primal mind. The primal mind wants recognition and reassurance. Intellectual concepts, negotiation and debate do not appeal to this part of the brain. The primal mind is the dominating decision making element of the brain. To enter the subconscious mind and move around, the delivery mechanism must appeal to all of these aspects.”

When asked about basic message delivery he responded, “Well, this is a bad example but to simplify what I mean you can look at Maxim magazine. The target audience of this publication is that of a non-refined intellect; the softer the intellect, the more primitive the choice of delivery. This publication focuses on insecure males seeking connection to all the things they have not been able to gain with their own efforts.”

Scott continued, “Taking into consideration the psychological and emotional elements of this clearly defined group one can formulate a deliver system rather easily. With limited intellect there are fewer blockades and defined boundaries that can hinder message delivery. Maxim focuses on being the one stop connection for ‘vicarious living’ to the reader. Each page is meant to draw the target in first starting with the cover that stimulates sexuality and intrigue, next the target will pick up the publication and statistically will open to the middle of the publication. The center is where the first seed for future action is placed as it will usually be clothing, cologne or another emotional fulfillment ad. After this, western education has programmed people to thumb through a publication/book from left to right so the cues and stimulants need to be placed in an order that coincides with the basic cultural predictability of the reader. The magazine is what disenfranchised and insecure males will anchor to for fantasy inclusion, the messages will be fed to the reader in a way that bypasses the conscious mind’s critical faculty and then planted into the subconscious primal region of the brain when buying or other action triggers are stimulated with promotions. This is typical of publications, TV and music that is targeting a similar subgroup of a population.”

OK, um, what? I never heard any of that in college but from what I hear about the CIA and black opps the above is what happens when a corporation is about to be crushed or a controversial government receiving new, ‘Western Approved’ leadership. If only I could lock him in a room with me to drill him on specifics and other strategies he uses when called on by the global leaders for major economic solutions. Economy and fiscal revitalization is not merely a matter of formulas and ideas that are learned in college. To be an actual solution to the trials and tribulations we are encountering in every region of the world the solution must come from a master formulator that is able to innovate tactics that adapt to regional, social, emotional and overtly psychological shifts in the minds of the population that will be the determinant in the overall solution.

James Scott is, without question, the single most critical factor in economic strategy formulation and implementation today. Without men of action like this who would the politicians and global leaders call for solutions, hide behind in the bad times or step in front of when times are good and the press is looking to spotlight a mastermind behind the success?

Here is a cool entry on James Scott’s blog on Zeitgeist Economics, another blog you might find interesting

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