Marketing With Facebook To Boost Your Business

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If you are looking for ways to boost your business, think social networking. If you have not signed up at a social network site, you should consider signing up with Facebook. Facebook isn’t your average overnight social networking site sensation. In contrast to other networking sites, Facebook has a user base of over half a billion people.

Resent studies conclude that people are spending billions of minutes every month on social network sites to connect with family, friends, play games and use applications. Since it first hit the internet, Facebook has proven itself a worthy partner of online marketers because of its incredible reach and its ability to incorporate real social interaction at every turn.

Facebook users are now encouraged to share and “Like” content due to the introduction of the “Like” feature. This feature allows Facebook users to share any content they find interesting with all of their contacts with the simple click of a button. It has also become easier for companies or businesses to connect with their customers by creating a simple Facebook Page or Fan page, that customers will visit and hopefully “Like”.

Facebook Pages are similar to regular profile pages, except they are meant to help promote businesses and organizations gain fans or followers. These pages have a variety of features and tools that company owners can use to connect with their markets and fans. Statistics on responses can also be gathered by using Facebook Pages.

Some businesses mistakenly believe that the only way they can market their brand on Facebook is by purchasing advertisements. This simply isn’t true. You can choose not to pay for ads altogether and still market your product on Facebook. Many small and medium sized businesses focus on developing a strong online presence with their Facebook page instead of paying for advertising.

A Facebook Page can be used by artists, organizations, businesses, and companies, and can even promote awareness about public figures and products. You can sign up for a free Facebook Page by logging on to the Facebook website at

What can a Facebook Page accomplish for your business? A Facebook Page, like a regular Facebook Profile, is a contact point between you and all your online customers. Anyone can sign up for a free Facebook account (a profile account) and visit Facebook Pages. Even if people don’t click on the “Like” button on a Facebook Page, they will still be able to read the contents of a Facebook Page because it’s publicly viewable and is indexed automatically by search engines.

So if your business is all about specialty sundaes, people interested in specialty sundaes will be able to find your Facebook Page and become a fan. When someone becomes a fan of a Facebook Page, he or she will receive regular updates for that Page whenever the Page administrator or owner decides to share a photo, video, or even a status update.

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