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Marketing: A Multi-Discipline Art

1 Comment 27 January 2009

the marketing puzzleAlthough marketing may seem like a simple task of advertising your product or service, in reality it is far from simple and marketing encompasses many disciplines.

Marketing includes but not limited to:

  • The process of creating a product or service
  • The distribution of goods and services
  • The promotion of goods and services
  • The pricing of goods and services
  • Maintaining positive relationships with customers (brand management and PR)

The above 5 points are only a simple and small example of the marketing spectrum. Today, marketers have more data on consumers than ever before and the marketer that takes time to analyze and the information and use it to communicate their message effectively will have success in the market.  The mountain of data can be overwhelming, and the marketer must separate them into understandable chunks for analysis before putting it all together to get a broad understanding of the consumer needs and behavior.

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1 comment

  1. wwgd says:

    I just started my marketing studies in college. I’m interested in reading the other articles because im not quite sure if I will pursue marketing as a career

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