Low Cost Lead Generation – How To Make It Low Cost

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Low cost lead generation seems to be the mystery that everyone is seeking to unravel. Today I want to talk to you about some of the answers that you’re looking for, break it down for you step by step, and show you how to keep your costs low.

Hold on for just a second though. Before I start I just need to make sure you and I are thinking about the same thing. You’re seeking the answers to a simple, effective, low cost way to generate your own MLM leads, am I correct?

Okay, then. As long as we are together on this. Let me show you the simple secrets that work so well that I’ll be you go away from this article and don’t do it for a while simply because you won’t believe something this easy could possibly work.

Low cost lead generation step #1:

* The first step is to lay out your hammer and nails. You’ll need 4 tools.

1. Blog 2. Lead capture website (campaign) 3. Email auto-responder/followup system 4. Mass article submitter

Not knowing how to use your tools yet is the most complicated thing about this process. But don’t worry, it will come as you put them to work. The first few times you do anything new presents a learning curve. Don’t think this is going to be so different. And please don’t let it stop you.

Low cost lead generation step two:

* Prepare your tools. They should be working harder than you are.

By that I’m saying that if you have your followup system in place and loaded with great valuable training – the kind that people are searching for – and your lead capture) pages state clearly (and with authority) that you are going to teach it to them… well, frankly, once you do your job and get free search engine traffic to your pages your tools will do most of the rest of the work.

Is it really so difficult to believe that you should get leads while you’re sleeping at night from all over the world? Take it from someone with experience. It’s not so difficult to believe.

Low cost lead generation step 3:

* It’s time to start being consistent. Write an article daily, and use a re-spinning and mass submission tool (a reputable one!) to create limitless unique articles and submit them all of the internet in one fell swoop.

With this step you have to take care to follow a few simple rules. No self promoting. No sales pitches. Just useful information that people can use.

Then you can put a little self promotional signature with up to two text links in the signature/resource box. When you do that you should point one link back to an article on your blog with the same keyword, and one back to your lead capture page with the same keyword.

That’s how to get the all powerful gods of cyberspace (the search engines) to love your content.

I almost forgot this: your article points at your blog, your blog should be pointing a text link with the same keyword back to a lead capture page (also with the same keyword – keep it streamlined) that you want traffic to find.

After all the point is low cost lead generation.

Alakazahm! You’ve just gathered enough information to understand how to keep it low cost. Traffic driving doesn’t have to cost anything. The tools are what makes it fast, your consistency makes it happen.

Your time commitment is approximately 3 hours per day 5 days per week.

I’ll see you at the top!

Learn the bottom line steps for low cost lead generation with Bronwen Oehlschlager. Her bottom line, stick to the basics approach are a refreshing change to the complicated internet marketing gurus of the past. Follow this link for more detailed low cost lead generation education.. Check here for free reprint license: Low Cost Lead Generation – How To Make It Low Cost.

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