List Marketing Can Boost Sales From Your Company Website

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A great reason a company begins a list marketing program is to increase sales from the company website. Most people understand that right away. But the best way to go about list marketing usually eludes most brick and mortar companies. Rather than create “an auto-responder” that tries to “sell,sell,sell,” the best use of list marketing involves a long-term follow-up plan designed to increase interaction between the prospective customer and the company website, where the actual sales are made.

Think of your email lists as large pools of people who have some level of interest in a problem that your product or service can solve, then your list marketing plan should be designed to provide more information that these types of people will need in their process of making a buying decision. If increasing sales is the primary goal of your list marketing campaign, then the primary purpose of list marketing is to drive your subscribers back to your company website where an eventual sale (or sales) can be made.

Understand that your list marketing is a long-term, sequential communication, where you send short emails containing questions and information about typical consumer concerns, and include a link to the relevant page on your website that contains the exact information your consumer is seeking. If your company website does a good job of providing well written, informative content, then the consumer will most often see value in your emails and will be willing to continue to receive them.

Do not just “sell” all the time in your emails, maybe just one in every 5 emails at most. What you want is the subscribers on your lists to remain engaged, and this will only occur if they see value in what you are sending.

You will always be tempted to sell in each message, but that is the very thing that will drive people away from your lists. Ultimately, it’s all about maintaining the right balance. Sell too often and people will leave. Sell too infrequently, and you won’t be making any money.

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