Learning To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

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Somebody once claimed, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Another way of saying it is, always remember to keep your eye on the ball. In entrepreneurial ventures, it’s so easy to turn your eye off the ball. In my personal case, fears, doubts, and greener grass on the other side have stood in the way of me really giving any of my entreprenurial ventures a decent shot.

Entrepreneurs are almost always bipolar, at least when it comes to their entrepreneurial ventures. When we get a new concept, we surge forward, working night and day in great excitement. But then, the bumps in the road happen, or those problems we never thought about before we began. And before too long, we’re stopped in our tracks.

This has happened to me on many different ventures, and I am always left scratching my head as to what I could have done differently to keep the dream going and avoid this creeping depression. But that is the reason why it’s so important to not only set realistic goals, but to keep your eye on those goals in the middle of problems.

In many cases, the reason we come to a screeching halt is actually because our goals were so unrealistic. We assumed things would take off instantly and grow dramatically. Then, when it does not happen, our motivation dies.

It is a funny paradox. The thing that often makes an entrepreneur such a success is their motivation and excitement over their business endeavors. They will do whatever it takes to see a project successful. But that same excitement can also be their ruin. When problems begin to arise, it’s almost impossible to keep the motivation and excitement alive, and frequently everything falls apart. In my personal life, I have discovered that setting realistic goals and learning how to keep my eye on the ball has saved more than one of my business projects.

Ben Mester is an entrepreneur who loves to talk about successful business practices and business ventures. For more inspiration, check out Bible verses about perseverance and Bible verses about hope.

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