Learning The Top Penny Stocks For 2010

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When financiers buy penny stocks, they have to collect as much info as feasible before making an investment. A company’s background and their prior practices need to be considered when purchasing penny stocks. This is important in order that they make a clever move and make the best out of the penny stocks to hand. Penny stocks are a simple and swift technique to earn more substantial profits if the investment is done realistically. I have assembled some top penny stocks for 2010 which are predicted to make speculators giant return on their investment.

Before making an investment, you need to bear some points under consideration. First go for those firms with market capital that are less than 5 hundred million greenbacks and then choose to buy penny stocks. Pick up those stocks which belong to a fair company, a company with high earning and really low debt. The volume of penny stocks also seriously matters.

One of the top penny stocks performers is LGL group which makes electronic parts. LGL group’s shares are seriously rocketing and lately, the company traded at a 52 week high of $14.20. LGL group also posted a Quarter 4 profit of fifteen cents a share, swinging from a year-ago loss of five cents a share.

Next is Federal National Mortgage Association ( Fannie Mae ) which is a government-inspired firm and supports stability in the mortgage market as it provides mortgages. The value of the firm’s penny stocks is anticipated to shoot high and give you enormous returns when you buy penny stock of the company.

Oilsands Search ( BQI ) is also considered another top penny stock performer. It showed a rise in value from Aug to October. However a high risk is attached with Oilsands search because it has no cash but the value of its reserves and predicted capability to extract such reserves on a rewarding basis make it one of the top penny stock performers. As these expectancies are skyrocketing due to the higher oil costs in 2010.

Unico is a corporation which deals in the valuable metals mining sector and concentrates on the exploration, development and production of gold, silver, lead, zinc, and copper. Unico is an active trading stock. It has been as high as $300 per share in 2007 before splitting its stock a couple of times. A massive potential and gain is anticipated out of this stock which makes them another top penny stock performer.

Atwood Oceanics is an explorer and has been extremely successful. The earnings’ guesses of the Corporation have shown a rise formerly and ended in a P / E of 7.5. Atwood Oceanics ‘ margins have topped forty percent too which signal this company can give big returns if an investment is made.

A selection of strategies can be employed by financiers when finding the top penny stocks in the stock exchange. A penny stock newsletter can play an important role in providing financiers with awfully handy info, stock alerts, stock ideas, trends and list of top penny stock performers. Financiers can also use a stock screener to generate a catalogue of stocks based primarily on a selection of standards.

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