Knowing The T-Shirt Printing Methods Used By Printers

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Designs that are singular, humorous, bizarre, and even serious are truly difficult to say no to. And if these are shirts that are presented as gifts, how could anybody say no to the gift chosen to fit the temperament and personality of the recipient? A way of attaining the above qualities for your t-shirt gifts to friends, relatives, office coworkers, and dedicated customers would be through customized t-shirt printing. T-shirt designs are endless. For many men and women, the opportunity of giving gifts that are easy to find but are nonetheless soaked with a personal touch are two of the attractors of personalized t-shirt printing that the giver cannot say no to.

Types Of T-Shirt Printing Processes

Ever since t-shirts first came out of the assembly line in the 1920s, creators have dreamt up of ways of putting designs onto its surface in order for these to become more appealing to consumers. The following are two procedures known to be the most tried and tested procedures of t-shirt printing.

T-Shirt Printing Through Silk Screen

This is probably the earliest and most popular technique of placing designs on to t-shirts. Due to its consistently wonderful results, many t-shirt printers prefer this certain method. The technique can be viewed through a truly simple principle. A design is drawn onto a template, and a sharp tool is used to carefully cut the design in order for the pigment or paint to pass through.

Afterwards, the template is laid on a silk screen and transferred there with the use of a certain chemical. The screen is then put over the surface of a t-shirt. Paint is then poured over the screen, one particular color at each pouring. With the use of a squeegee, the paint is forced out of the fine mesh of the screen and is absorbed by the fibers of the fabric. The process is repeated for each color in the design. This job requires extreme patience! The results of silk screen printing are truly high quality and more durable that designs manufactured by other processes; the cost is a bit higher, however.

T-Shirt Printing By Heat-Transfer Technique

Although not as long-lasting as silk-screen printed designs, graphics and texts placed unto t-shirt through heat transfer printing have grown in popularity in recent years. Heat transfer printing might be the answer to your needs if you are searching for uniquely designed t-shirts available at short notice and at a fraction of the price of silk screen printing. This method makes use of a heat press to transfer a design onto the surface of the t-shirt. Through this process, t-shirt designs that are multicolored and need to look bold are easily achievable.

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