King Post Truss Design – Simple yet Functional!

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The king post is a rather simple truss type that can generally be found in building frames for the purpose of provision of large spaces in the absence of columns as well as load bearing walls. In fact, this type of roof truss is considered as one of the best trusses that can be used in architecture because of the fact that it actually has a rather simple design which will necessitate use of less metal or timber. It is also considered const effective because there are fewer materials that are needed. Another great thing that can be noted with this type of truss would be the fact that even if has less metal or timber the structural design is still amazingly stable.

The king post truss is commonly found on small office buildings and they are used to support the roofs of such structures. These are also found in residential houses that are designed with low roofs and without any space for an attic.

This type of truss design is designed with two diagonal wood pieces or perhaps metal pieces where the ends are actually stabilized using the end of a chord just above the ground. The center of the chord is actually suspended from the king post. Most often, this truss design is used to hold the roof of a building where the shingled structure is located.

There are many architects who prefer to use the king post in the houses because this design is actually very simple as well as elegant looking. Not just that, this truss design is also easy to construct. Many homeowners would surely like this type of truss design because it needs fewer materials to make which makes it rather cheaper compared to the other truss types. This will also be a great addition o your house if you want to have a classy truss. The king post can also provide a large roof span because of its diagonal design which will then provide the structure a spacious ground floor or even a second floor if the king post is built high enough to allow one.

So, why is this roof type a good choice? Generally, people tend to base the choices through the effect of something to a structure just like with the choice of truss for their homes, people tend to go for the classy looking ones that can also provide the classy look to their homes. Most of the time, people tend to forget to look into the aspect of function when it comes to these things. However, with this truss type they can never go wrong with their choice because this truss type will not only provide a classy as well as elegant look on the home but this will also provide the home the spacious environment. The king post is one great type of truss that can definitely provide functionality and elegance all together with its simple and well thought out design.

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