Jubbas – Classical Outfit For Modern Times

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A Jubba is a long clothes for men that drapes down to the ankle length that is sometimes worn with a trouser under. It is a trendy clothing item which is usually worn in the Middle Eastern and other Muslim nations which have their own variety of names for the clothes. In the Levant location (Syria, Palestine and Jordan) it’s generally referred to as dishdasha, in UAE and Oman it’s commonly referred to as Kandura.

Jubbas arrives in different colors and can come in certain different models depending on the location. In the Gulf Location it’s mainly worn in white colour and has collar neck or round neck with the exception of Oman where cream colour too as white colour Jubbas are the norm however , you do find other colours worn commonly.

The Moroccan Jubbas sometimes referred to as Galabeya or Jellabiya come having a huge hood and may consist of striped models or plain colours and sometimes with buttons with intricate however light embroidery on the border.

Jubbas designs have often been very classical in nature resembling the Middle Eastern and Muslim culture and tradition.. Historically the Jubbas were the clothing of Arab Bedouins who led a very simple lifestyle however , when the Arab Muslim started expanding to other territories after the advent of Islam enriched the fashion of Jubbas from a simple Bedouin costume to one that was befitting the courts of caliphs and wazirs (ministers)..

Just recently has there been a fresh surge of new models and models added to this classical apparel and diversity of range to appeal to the youth with strong inclination to their religious identity. This has driven demand for the Jubbas which has never had significantly of a competing market in the west because of the stuff mainly being imported from the Middle East reflecting the design of the area. Now the competition is started to kick off among the Islamic outlet stores trying to compete in their own exclusive range of designer Jubbas. These Jubbas have introduced design with zips and buttons on the sides, belt necks,.

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