Jay Kubassek Twitter – Evokes Change and Action

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Twitter has revolutionized social networking and microblogging. It has received quite a following that around 200 million people use Twitter, generating more than 350 million text posts or tweets per day. Apart from direct communication, Twitter has been used by many people for a number of different purposes – promotions and marketing, organization of protests, information updates, and many more.

Many marketers take advantage of the popularity of this site by using it as a marketing platform. They disseminate information about themselves, their products, oncoming promotions, and latest developments just by a few strokes on their keypads or keyboards. A number of celebrities are actually being paid to endorse a product by tweeting a picture of themselves with that particular item or by sending tweets that they actually use certain merchandise or service. This instantly creates a wave of buzz and awareness to thousands or even millions of followers.

The idea of using Twitter with the intention to get connected to more people across the world and as a marketing platform is not lost to entrepreneurs, including Jay Kubassek. Jay Kubassek is one of the founders of a marketing and leadership company, CarbonCopyPRO. Jay is actually fascinated by social media in general that despite his very busy schedule, he allots a fraction of his time to update his profiles. Jay Kubassek Twitter is used to maintain connections, interact with tweeps, express his thoughts, and keep followers abreast on the goings on in the internet marketing industry. If you want access to effective strategies and guidelines on how to enhance your marketing skills, you can follow Jay on Twitter. Additionally you may find Jay’s links to his favorite authors, VIPs, film producers, business coaches, and successful entrepreneurs helpful in your pursuit for new information. Jay Kubassek Twitter is also a platform for his philanthropies and causes. Just through a couple of tweets, Jay was able to help a desperate mother raise over $18,000 for her daughter’s tuition in Wheaton College. This was accomplished in under 12 hours. That is how powerful and fast an action this social medium yields. Jay remembers how this medium played an important role in creating awareness, mobilizing relief efforts, and updating people during the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The real time reports by people on Twitter were actually even closer the truth compared to those broadcasted by news agencies!

Jay’s followers find his site an opportune avenue to share and discuss developments on search engines, innovative marketing strategies, product launches, and many more. Jay Kubassek Twitter has created this tightly knit community of entrepreneurs that support one another. It is somehow inspiring and motivating when you exchange thoughts with people you share similar interests with. Who knows, you may find someone who is following the same line of idea as you are. This may be the start of a long partnership or collaboration.

The fact that social networking sites have drastically changed the terrain of marketing, philanthropy, and politics is clearly undeniable. We have the power to exploit the potentials of social media and put them to good use.

Internet marketers can now gain access to a lot of proven marketing tips and strategies through Jay Kubassek Twitter. Jay also uses this social media site to maintain connections, interact with marketers, express his thoughts, and update followers on what’s going on in the online industry.

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