Is your business missing online wealth?

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Recently I saw an article in the Mail on Sunday that I felt it was important to write an article. The article was headed “Online Riches ignored” if you wish to look the article up.

The article debated how many smaller (micro) businesses were missing out on online profits by either not investing, not targeting or not even having a web presence. Here are some of the statistics from the article that are a wake up call for small business owners in the Uk (and beyond) :

– Micros (tiny) enterprises with less than 10 staff only make on average £1,000 sales a year thru the Net, equal to only 0.6% of their total income.
– But businesses with 11 “49 staff, earn approximately £175,000 in online sales, or 4.6% of income.
– Bigger firms with 50 “249 staff earn roughly £2.5 million or 13.1% of sales on the web.

Data courtesy of research by Centre for Economics and Business Research and printed in the Mail on Sunday, 3rd July 2011

This I found very revealing. What it informs me is that there’s a massive opportunity for little (micro) enterprises to extend revenue by effective use of a web presence. Unfortunately many don’t realize that it does not matter how little their business is, it is important to invest in a web presence.

I recognize that many smaller enterprises don’t have the time or capital to invest. Therefore , it is critical to select the right website design partner who can supply a service, at the right prices to supply the best possible results.

Please take a while to take a look at one of my other articles, Does it make sense for a small business owner to build and maintain their own web site? While it may seem to be more cost effective to build and manage your own web site, there’s a lot of benefit (time, results, etc) in using a trusted web site design partner.

I am hoping this article has given food for thought of the brilliant opportunity for small businesses to earn more money by making the optimum use of an online presence.

Simon Wilkinson is the founder of Digital Ark, Colchester Web Design, website hosting and local mobile search business. He also rights a regular blog that provides practical understanding to web site design.

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