Is it Safe to Unlock My Blackberry

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1. Every GSM Blackberry can be unlocked – what ever the model or the network it is locked to, there is a 95% success rate using professional unlocking services to unlock your model. Even if you read that people cannot unlock your Blackberry, does not mean it cannot be done by anyone. By doing a little research it can be done. CDMA cannot, we will talk more about that later on.

2. Give Yourself Time – Unlock your Blackberry in advance, depending on your network, it can take up to 10 business days to unlock your phone. Specially for international networks outside North American. At the time this was written here are some examples for time periods. Rogers Blackberry Unlock (0-2 business days), Cingular Blackberry Unlock (1-2 business days), T Mobile Blackberry Unlock (1-3 business days), Vodafone UK Blackberry Unlock (1-3 business days), other networks vary, you need to check the Global Unlock website (fastest possible methods are only used)

3. GSM vs CDMA – Blackberry comes in two different technologies. You can only unlock GSM Blackberry (networks like Blackberry T Mobile Unlock, Blackberry Cingular Unlock, Blackberry Rogers Unlock, Blackberry Vodafone Unlock). You cannot unlock CDMA Blackberry (Sprint, Verizon, Bell, Telus). Outside North America 90% of networks are GSM and the success rate with our service is 95% to unlock blackberry phones.

4. How To Unlock? – Unlocking a blackberry is done with a unlock code – This way is the simplest and safest method to unlocking your phone. If you have a security password or IT password on your phone, you will need to remove it before unlocking. Second, using an unlock code, is safe and will not damage your phone, since there is nothing hooked up to your phone.

5. Can I use a different SIM Cards? – You can buy a sim card from a local store in the country you are going to use it. Do your research online, find a plan (pay as go most of the time) will fit you and order the SIM card for the website to mail it a address in the country of us. Buying in the store can cost up to $40, where online in many cases they will only charge you the shipping fee’s (Example AT&T charges $30 in store and $6 shipped to a US address). This will save time and hassle when you get to where you will use the SIM card

6.Is the Unlock Process Permanent? – If your phone is unlocked professionally it will not require a re-unlock even after you upgrade the software. The only reason you would ever have to re-unlock it is if the hardware changes.

7.Will I Need Blackberry Support?- When unlocking a blackberry, they are in most cases pretty simple to unlock, however it is always suggest to use a professional unlocking blackberry service (company should be registered, long standing website, have a public phone # and email), so you can get help if you need it.

8. Does Network Support Unlock Blackberry? – Make sure the network you want to use the unlock Blackberry on supports Blackberry Devices. If they sell GSM Blackberry, they will support all Blackberry. If they do not, call customer support and ask if they support GSM Blackberry

9. What About Data Plan? – Blackberry use special data plans called Blackberry Connect. You cannot use a regular Data Plan for Blackberry functions

At last you are ready to unlock your Blackberry, geared with all the information you need to safely unlock your Blackberry device.

Before you unlock your Blackberry, make sure you check Jennifer Croner’s excellent guide to unlock codes, and tips Codes. Also published at Is it Safe to Unlock My Blackberry.

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