Interview Techniques: the Do’s & Don’ts!

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The team at have years of recruitment experience behind them. They’ve interviewed thousands of people over those years so they’ve got a wealth of interview hints and tips to help you shine at your interview.

Before The Interview

So what can you do to convince interviewers that out of all the candidates for that position, you’re the one they should choose? For a start, you need to show them you’ve been doing your homework. The more you know about the company and its business, the better impression you’re going to make. And that doesn’t mean just re-reading the recruitment ad that got you to the interview in the first place.

Ok so I’m doing some research what should I be looking for :

1) What is their turnover per year?

2) The number of employees.

3) Where their offices are located.

4) The company’s main customers.

5) Any recent business acquisitions.

6) The company ethos.

7) How quickly the company has grown.

8) You need to look through online and offline news stories and the company’s own website for this kind of information, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

This information will allow you to drop things into the interview and you should also have a list of questions to ask – this shows real interest in their business, and you are subtly saying “I want to make sure this is the right company for me as I am a great employee and want to make the right choice”.

The Interview Itself

You don’t necessarily have to have been a boy scout or a girl guide, but for your interview, you do have to “Be Prepared”. T

1) Know where you are going, check your route.

2) Know how to spell and pronounce interviewers’ names and what position they hold within the company.

3) And as for the way you should be dressing, don’t forget you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. You want to show the interviewers that you’re sensible and businesslike, so that means a dark suit plain shirt and uninteresting tie for men (plus well-polished shoes of course), and a trouser suit or smart skirt and blouse for women.

4) Avoid crazy hair styles and strange piercing (they maybe fine once you have the job?)

5) A firm handshake and pronouncing the interviewer’s name correctly is the best way to start an interview … and to finish it, you’ll have the chance to ask those questions you’ve prepared earlier.

6) Switch your mobile off before you arrive.

7) Bring a copy of your CV and your references.

8) Mentally rehearse your answers to those standard interview questions so you have the answers on the tip of your tongue.

9) Wait until it’s appropriate (usually towards the end of the interview) before firing off all those questions you’ve previously prepared.

10) At the end of the interview, when you’re asked whether you have any more questions, say something along these lines: “It’s been a very enjoyable interview. Now, what else can I tell you to show I’m the right person for the position you’re offering? And what else can I tell you to clear up any doubts or questions you might still have? Please tell me, because I’d very much like to work for your company.” Best not to use these exact words, though. You get the idea, don’t you – it gives the interviewers the chance to raise any more objections for you to shoot right back down again, so you can shoot straight to the top of their shortlist.

This advice was provided by, the UK’s leading site showing schools and college leavers the options available to traditional university such as apprenticeships, sponsored degrees, distance learning, foundation degrees and gap years!. Unique version for reprint here: Interview Techniques: the Do’s & Don’ts!.

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