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5-10 years from now, there will most likely be no text here in this article. It will be a short & concise 2.7 minute video promotion. 5-10 years ago many of the largest internet companies in the world didn’t even exist. Today you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t know about Google, Facebook (who just surpassed Google for most visitors), YouTube (second largest search engine) or Twitter. Social Media has exploded on the internet and the major fortune 500 companies are redirecting major amounts of marketing dollars to the world of online media and marketing. Dell computers reports to have sold more than $3,000,000 worth of computers through Twitter alone. Now there is an even greater trend within this social media trend that is drastically taking over ground at an alarming rate. It is Video Promotion!

Here are some staggering statistics:

* Video usage increased by 175% in 2008

* 54% of total internet traffic is video

* 100 million video are watch on Youtube alone daily

* 136 million people are watching a video online each minute

* Websites and blogs with video hold visitors attention 10 times longer than text and graphics

The most incredible part of this trend is that these stats are already outdated at the point of my typing them and in some cases have already doubled. We are experiencing a trend the likes of which only the industrial revolution and the production and distribution of cheap oil has done for the human race.

Do you know how much information has been created recent years? The number is quite shocking! In 2009 alone, there are 4EB (exabytes – 4 followed 18 zeros) of completely new information was accumulated on the internet. That is more than the information has been created by human beings in the 500 decades. Imagine in the next decade, we will experience the video based communication – the massive amount of information will be transferred via the format of video. No need to say, video has a lot of advantages compared with text and other media – more efficiency, more information, more credibility. The impact on the viewer through the video promotion is in a way that other media cannot compared with. In the next few years, we will see a massive increase of video usage on the internet, while it’s changing the way of our communication.

A video can in a few seconds or minutes provide more information in a more understandable manner that through the mode of reading. People Only Remember: 10% of what they read; 20% of what they hear; 30% of what they see; 50% of what they see & hear simultaneously; 80% of what they see, hear and take action on. The ROI on using social media and video promotion is that your business will still exist in 5 years. Position yourself today to profit from the undeniable power of video promotion, in your business and as a passive income producer.

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