Internet Network Marketing Recruiting Success

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What is Internet Network Marketing ?

Before you have any kind of internet network marketing success you have to know what it is in the 1st place.

To make it very easy, it is Internet and network marketing put together. Or rather, using Online Marketing Systems to grow and build relations for your Network Marketing Company.

Then does that suggest if you go thru some internet network marketing training you won’t ever need to do any offline promoting again?

It’s very improbable. I mean, folks have succeeded before and some may still be I am sure. But truthfully you are still going to need to get your tushy out there and speak to folks.

Therefore what are the various types on internet network marketing?

Fundamentally I believe there are two main types. Active Internet Network Marketing and Passive Internet Network Marketing.

Active Internet Network Marketing

This area would include online activities where you are actively engaging with people. Therefore why I call it that

I’m talking about connecting with folks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

These are sites where you Actively form relationships with folks in real time and is as near to “belly-to-belly” as you’ll get on the internet.

Now you don’t want to go and just start spewing things on peoples walls. You wish to build real relations with them. For instance don’t send the same universal message to everybody. Sure, you might have a basic message to start with. But before you send it to them make the effort to take a look at their profile. Find something in you both have in common. You’d be surprised. Then add a little blurb about that in your message together with a friend request and you can actually actually produce some great friendships that way.

Passive Internet Network Marketing

I call this passive because you aren’t developing a relationship with an individual one-on-one. This is more making content and getting it out there on the web for people to find you.

It may be using things like writing blog articles, article marketing, video marketing, Google PPC and Facebook Pay-per-click to drive folks some place where they sign in to an email list or purchase something from you on the spot. Some of these strategies take more time but can create a great residual benefit for you.

Now, once you have folks on your e-mail list you want to follow up with them on a constant basis. Often with a pre-made followup series of e-mails and consistent broadcasts.

Using them together

Ideally you will want to use more than just one type or the other. As an example, sharing your blog entries, articles or videos on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

That way you can share your info right away and others can share it too.

One of my favourite tools for sharing my content on social media is by using a site called TribePro. With that site you can share one piece of content with loads of folks and they will share it to multiple social media sites which can get up into the thousands!

You can join up to a free account. There isn’t any reason not to try it out!

Hence whatever path you chose, just stick to it and be consistent and you’ll be well on the way to internet network marketing recruiting success.

If you would like to learn more about internet network marketing go on over and check out my internet network marketing blog.

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