Internet Marketing: Search Engine Optimization Or Pay Per Click

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Everybody has the same question when it comes to internet marketing: search engine optimization or pay per click? The fact is that both of these have their uses, but when it comes to developing a marketing plan, I believe that search engine optimization ultimately has more function. And, while I wouldn’t discount pay per click completely, I believe that the key to internet marketing is search engine optimization.

Pay per click is how Google makes profit. If you didn’t already know, pay per click refers to the ads you see with your search results on Google. It’s called “pay per click” because Google charges a company money every time that anyone clicks on their link. “Search engine optimization” refers to changing your website so that it appears in a better spot in the Google results naturally.

The reasons why search engine optimization beats pay per click are varied. First off, pay per click naturally charges more based on how any clicks you obtain; if you get more traffic, you will naturally have to pay more. Search engine optimization firms generally charge a flat fee, so no matter how popular your website gets, you’re not going to have to pay any more.

Secondly, search engine optimization is liked more by Google users. Study after study has proved that Google users naturally avoid anything that is called an advertisement in their Google search results. Therefore, it’s best to give your users what they are looking for.

Finally, search engine optimization beats out pay per click because it has better staying power. If you ever give up on paying for ads, you’re no longer going to be found in Google’s search results. The work done on search engine optimization does not go away quickly, so you can still have your results in Google for a long time.

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