Increase Business with Custom Postcards or Envelopes

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Many business entrepreneurs who have been using direct mail to promote their products and services have been involved in postcard printing for their materials. Postcards have now become a preferred way to promote various products and services to potential customers and clients via direct mail.

Custom envelopes are another beneficial item to use in direct mail campaigns. Including a logo on an envelope is one example of customization. It is important for a customer to recognize your brand, and having the logo on the envelope helps establish this brand recognition. Postcards get your message across faster than envelopes because the recipient might throw out the envelope and not even read the message inside.

A great advantage of choosing postcard printing for mailing campaigns is that it gets the point across immediately. With postcards, you do not need an envelope, and your target customer will be able to see your promotion right away. Also, postcard printing is very cost effective. It reduces the expense of having to buy both the envelope and the content of the envelope. In addition, postcards are lighter in weight. As a result postage is cheaper for postcard campaigns.

There are many different sizes of postcards offered by the businesses that do postcard printing. Here is a summary of the various sizes to assist you in finding the one that will work right for your campaign.

The standard postcard size is the most commonly used in postcard printing. A standard postcard is about 5 inches in width and 7 inches in length. Standard postcards are commonly used by many business entrepreneurs to provide information about one particular product or service they offer to their target market.

Another choice that is widely used is the mini postcard. This size is a little smaller than the standard postcard size. Many companies use this size for invitations to sponsored events. Another use of the mini postcard is for customers to redeem as coupons for special discounts.

One thing to remember is that your competitors will also be sending out postcards to the same target markets. As a result you will want your postcards to be extremely effective in getting the attention of the recipients. You can use an extra large postcard to stand out from the rest of the mail. Make sure that using a larger postcard fits in your budget because it will cost a little more.

When you want to provide as much information as possible you should go with the folded postcard. The folded postcard has about the same amount of space as the extra large postcard. However, you can fit more content into a folded postcard. You can include information about targeted products or services on one side of the postcard. Then on the inside you can print coupons and discounts.

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