Income Times Ten Review – How Does Jamie Lewis’ Income Automation System Work?

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So how does Jamie Lewis’ new income automation system called Income Times Ten work? Jamie has designed this software with a very simple concept in mind, which is to allow members to be able to download the software, install it, and start having their own online income streams in a matter of minutes. This program builds niche marketing campaigns for its users and is built with the ability to monetize niche market traffic once it starts receiving visitors.

1. How Much Do You Have to Spend to Profit from the Income Times Ten System?

Having tried coaching programs which required me to pay for many other programs in order to start running my online business sites, I was pleased to find that all the tools required to activate my campaigns and have them running effectively can all be found inside the Income Times Ten membership area. Another feature worth noting is that the software was programmed with the end user in mind, thus all the software command buttons are labelled with very layman terms.

2. What Kinds of Support Services Are Provided with the Income Times Ten Membership?

In order to ensure that I truly understand the system completely and how to run it, I have the chance to engage in one to one chat coaching with Jamie as part of the support package. Of course, Jamie is not the one who provides assistance if the software does not install and run properly on your machine. Instead, there is another support team that can be contacted to handle any technical issues with the software program. While it is clear that the product was made for beginners, I am getting tremendous value from it by the amount of time that it saves for me.

3. How Does the Income Times Ten Software Work to Generate Monthly Income for Me?

This software tool runs through a series of steps to determine the right niche and then search for traffic to come to the newly created niche marketing websites. Of course, you cannot simply pick any niche that you come across because they might not have even profit potential or they might already be too competitive to make any money from.

The software filters out niches that have little profit potential by running them through a series of filters. Once the niche is found, the software then starts creating the campaigns which the user then has to spend some time logging into accounts and launching the campaigns.

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