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The city of Shenzhen is 1,953 miles large which are mostly filled with high rise apartments or factories and has 14,000,000 residents. Shenzhen is located in the southern province of Guangdong. The expansive layout of Shenzhen might seem overwhelming to people who are visiting china for the first time, but its expansive simply means that there are numerous apartments to select from. Here are some general things that you should consider when you are trying to find an apartment in Shenzhen and some specific recommendations to help you find your new apartment.

The first thing that you need to decide is how many comforts of home that you can do without when you decide where you want to live in Shenzhen. Most of Shenzhen’s expatriates live in Shekou and when you live there you will be living next to stores, restaurants, and bars. There are some very popular restaurant and bars located at Shekou’ Sea World where you can spend the night speaking English. But, many of expatriates who live in Shekou’s work for multinational companies and are salaried. Therefore the prices for an apartment are the least expensive.

Outside the special economic zone are both Longgang and Bao’an and the average rent for an apartment is also very inexpensive. This is especially true of studio apartments. But, renting an apartment that is inexpensive may mean that you will have to get used to the Chinese culture in ways that you may not be used to such as by using a non automatically flushing squat toilet. In addition to the rent, inexpensive apartments will also have a monthly electric and gas bill and will be unfurnished. But, you will find a stocked kitchen, television, and a sofa for the people who are willing to pay more for an apartment that is furnished already. Shenzhen’s largest neighborhood is the Bao’an district.

There are numerous other apartments that are available for rent in Shenzhen but to rent them you will have to be able to speak Chinese. Negotiating aggressively will help considerably. There is a reasonable one time placement fee that will apply if you have an agent find an apartment for you. You will also have to pay a security deposit and the first and last month’s rent to your landlord. Although they are sometimes negotiable, leases are usually signed for one year.

If you simply need a room to rent they are also advertised in the Shenzhen Classifieds. These classified also have rooms for rent that are also rented by foreigners. Regardless of what you find, you should have a Chinese friend translate any rental agreement if you don’t speak or more importantly, read, Chinese.

The residents of Hong Kong mistakenly consider Shenzhen to be a lawless city. However, since it is a very large city it has many of the same problems as other large cities have such as theft. Therefore, you may not want an apartment in the ground floor, particularly if it has a considerably amount of foot traffic from people who don’t live there. However, you shouldn’t simply assume that that simply because your apartment is above the ground floor that it is inaccessible. You should ensure that you have security wires or bars balcony and windows.

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