Improve Exhibition Performance with Trade Show Selection

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Trade shows and exhibition generate huge amounts of money in terms of sales – nowhere else can you find as many potential customers under one roof and all looking for the same thing – to do business. Exhibiting requires a great deal of planning and preparation before the show – think of exhibiting as getting married to a blind date. You need to arrange the wedding, the photographer, the cake and the transportation in anticipation of a great honeymoon, but you don’t know who you are meeting down the aisle.

You can improve your trade show performance by improving the pool from which your prospects are going to be pulled. In practice, this means working hard at selecting the right trade shows to exhibit at.

You can approach trade show selection in a number of ways. For instance, you can look at the demographics and see if the attendee profiles from prior shows dovetail with your customer model. On the other hand you can look at trade shows in terms of horizontal and vertical markets, and whether the show will align with the business offering you have.

For instance, if you are an IT solutions provider offering network security services, should you attend a networking exhibition, or would you be better served by going to a banking convention? The computer networking event will attract professionals and companies from a wide range of prospective customers – it is an example of a horizontal market – you are not zeroing in on any one specific customer target, just anyone with a need for computer networking services. On the other hand, exhibiting a banking convention will put you directly into play with a group of potential customers who have an obvious need for network security, plus there is an added bonus that your competition will be fewer in number in all likelihood.

You can also approach exhibition selection from the point of view of your own logistical ability and the optimum mix to attending multiple shows. For instance, you have a show in San Diego scheduled for July 7th, but on the 9th you are exhibiting in Boston. Is this a good use of your resources? You have to cut across country, your trade show team and booth staff will be tired, and you should ask yourself just how effective are you going to be? On the other hand, rolling through an event in Houston and exhibiting a couple of days later in Dallas may be far better and allow for synergy between the two events. You ultimately will be responsible for what your trade show schedule is going to look like and what the limits of your team really are.

Remember, attending the show is something anyone can do, but you need everyone alert and on top of their game to really max out the positive results and ROI to be derived. You can’t do this with everyone dead on their feet, so concentrate on attending fewer shows but delivering outstanding performance in attracting and managing attendees, and especially in operating a quality follow up process after the show.

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