Immigrants Looking For Jobs In Canada Should Expect Dissatisfactions

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Many immigrants seeking jobs in Canada may not be aware about the following facts. As we read about the failing U.S. Economy, these facts help us understand the commercial facts and how these might be adversely influencing levels of unemployment in Canada.

Canada’s economy is slowing due to its overwhelming reliance on the economic conditions in the U.S.A. As an example, reports from Stats Canada show that almost 3 quarters of Canada’s exports have been to U.S.A. (73.3%).

The international recession started in the U.S. In 2008. Between 2008 to 2009 Canada’s exports to the U.S. were reduced by over 1/4 (nearly 27%).

The once heralded Canada-U.S. North American Free Trade Agreement has become a hindrance that ties Canada to trade with the U.S.A. at prices no higher than it would usually charge itself. In such twin-ed markets in contraction this becomes a death spiral of negatives.

From 2008 to 2009 Canada’s over-all Trade Balance has shifted from +$45 billion to a negative -$4.7 billion, importing more from the U.S. Than selling to the U.S. (Source: Statistics Canada Exports v Imports).

Most recently, Canada’s overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has fallen between April to May 2011 by -0.3%, with its mainstay category of prosperity, that of Mineral Resources, falling in the same period to by -5.3% (mining, oil, gas extraction); Source: Statistics Can.

In a nutshell, the income side of Canada’s ledger is shrinking while the Cost of Living for average Canadians is growing.

According to Stats Canada reporting for July 2011 over July 2010, the Consumer Price Index has increased in these categories: All-Items by virtually 3%, Food by more than 4%, and Energy by just about 13%.

Lastly, many believe Canada is a land of equal opportunity. The reality of the opposite is revealed in cold numbers. According to Statistics Canada, Immigrants are 1.5 times more unemployed vs natural Canadians.

The percentile of those Born in Canada with No Work: 20% (15 years old to 24 years old is 14.2%, 25 to 54 years old is 6.1%, Total: 20%). The % of Landed Immigrants with No Work: 30% (15 years old to 24 years old is 19.4%, 25 to 54 years of age is 9.5%, Total: 30%). Source: Stats Can.

With some experts forecasting even slower economic performance for the U.S. And Canada, immigrants seeking another country to call home might do well to investigate alternatives. Those other choices might include states in South America where their economies may not be squeezing its citizenry, either economically or in legal proceedings.

Martin Wong has studied the business statistics and legal jeopardy in weighing the emigrating to Canada risks. Those immigrants who may contract with an immigration and citizenship agent may do well by learning how to ignore their own emotions, and observe the odd mannerisms for the integrity of their agent by learning the skill of deception detection. How does one tell if what comes to you is the truth or are you being lied to?

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