How to Turn $10 into 100K Annual Income?

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You see, many people had succeeded online and became overnight millionaires. These are the lucky few out of millions that actually take action to achieve it. Since you are reading this article, I know that you have searched watched, read and click your way through the internet to arrive here.

GDI (Global Domains International) is a Fortune 500 company that owns and leases all internet domain names in the .ws domain. .ws is short for WebSite, like .com is short for Commercial. GDI is the registrar for these domains, and has a stable and growing business about 9 years old now. GDI has chosen to market their services though a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model.

The Global Domains International “Income for Life” opportunity combines a complete domain package with the ability to earn commissions and bonuses for referring other customers. It costs $10 to become a GDI Distributor. As a distributor, you are eligible to refer other people and once they join, they become your downline. The $10 a month includes .WS domain registration, hosting, 10 e-mail addresses and an online website builder. GDI also offers a 7 day FREE trial for anyone who is interest to give them a test drive. You receive $1 commission for each member you sign up for up to 5 levels and if you sign up 5 members a week. You receive a bonus from GDI.

The Global Success Team is the largest team in GDI and had been around for couple years now. The Global Success Team is a group of internet marketers pursuing the collective recruiting methodology to build an online business in Global Domains International, Inc.

“We don’t promise, We deliver” and all for one, one for all. this is the model that GST stands by and works with. These words are pretty much unheard off in the network marketing world. GST is focus on results and not promises. Once you join the Global Success Team through GDI, you are automatically qualify for the rotators and randomizer. Through the use of rotators and randomizer, GST helps members to get 6 sign ups and once you have your 6, you are removed from the list.

The primary principle behind Collective Recruiting is that everyone advertises the same materials, and one person at a time is the beneficiary of those advertising efforts. Who gets to be the beneficiary? To promote fairness, team members were added to the Rotation list in the order that the team receives notification that they have joined from their Sponsor!

If a team member does not recruit on their own, we expect that they will essentially move up each rotation list in signup order. Team members that do recruit at least some of their own signups, will be placed and moved in the system as if they had acquired that recruit through the GST rotators. GST has always promised to HELP everyone get their 6 personal recruits, NOT that we would PROVIDE 6 recruits, in addition to their own recruiting capacity. Those that are not proficient at sponsoring will get their 6 via our system. Those that can recruit, will be assisted by GST and achieve their 6 faster.

How much does it cost to join the Global Success Team? $10. The Global Success Team does not charge anything to place you in the rotator or new randomizer, or assist you in getting your 6 recruits. Everything that I mentioned here is total $10. Also Global Success Team offers FREE GDI membership trails.

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