How to Grow Your Small Business

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Whenever one starts a small business one has illusions of it becoming a huge multinational with offices in 123 countries and is one of the world’s biggest employers; something along the lines of Coke, IBM, Intel and McDonalds. The reality is that not only do most small businesses not reach these heights but they don’t reach any heights at all closing after less than a year. If you are to be the exception as opposed to the rule than you need to be very careful and show a lot of discipline.

When you are starting and things are going well, the cardinal inaccuracy you can make is to grow too swiftly too shortly. What you want to is consolidate on each level before you may even consider enlargement on any level. What this implies is that you will need to be so insanely busy filling customers’ orders that expanding is nothing apart from a requirement because to do so prematurely would be less than productive. This is what you must be wary of.

To hire employees means you need to be sure that their salaries can be covered. That they will pay for themselves via the work which they do. It just isn’t their wages you need to be concerned with but all the other expenses that come with having employees. They need to have computers and desks. You need to train them and you need to have all the other resources they need in order to fulfil their duties.

Maybe in the beginning you can start out of a room in your house but there is only so long you can do this for. It isn’t fair for your family, your customers or anyone associated with your business. This means finding and moving into an office. You want to find a nice location but one which isn’t too costly.

You then are going to have to outfit the office with everything that requires. You will need desks and stationary. You will need photocopiers although they can be black and white and not colour. You will also need to look at having some sort of secretary to meet and greet people.

Will you have a water cooler that gives people fresh water? What about a kitchen with facilities to make tea and coffee? These are the types of things you need to think of. Once you get to a certain size you will hire an office manager and it will be their job to handle and deal with all queries and issues of this nature. Until then you will be the one to have to come up with an answer for everything.

This indicates that you’re the HR person, the Fire Marshal, the Social Council and the Board. But over time as your business grows you’ll have more folk you can delegate to so you’ll be less hands-on. This is an aspect that many founders miss but it is also a fact. You can only do everything for such a long time.

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