How The New Health Care Bill Positively Affects Senior Care

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This new health care bill was introduced on May 11, 2009 by the Colorado senator to update patient care and reduce the health care expenses. It was known as Medicare Transitions Act or 2009 tailored towards giving instant help and follow-up services for those who leave hospital.

This bill also seeks to give the public a nationwide network of all those transitional care coaches who would be in a position to take care of Medicare patient as they recover and wean them into self-management of their condition.

The personal follow-up care would be availed to elderly patients too to enable them manage their conditions away from hospital but the medication to be ministered to them effectively.

The bill is expected to reduce the cost of medication and minimize the numbers of patients who come for readmission. Far too many old people used to be readmitted in hospitals on a daily basis. This can be avoided. One out of five Medicare patients get readmission each month after leaving hospital.

This would not be necessary if proper follow-up services are not done. Personal care and follow-up will enable them get good treatment and proper self-care advise.

The medic and Medicare costs have been very high in the past and it is why it is paramount that senior care be provided in the most cost effective way possible in order to reduce the national budget. Health care reforms for the aged are best for securing their future.

Also President Obama’s ARRA, which is American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will pump 2 billion dollars into the community care centers. It is to improve the care given to elderly people in order to jumpstart the economy. The health care centers will provide them with good care since most of them have no insurance.

Unfortunately, a very large number of seniors are unable to afford health care and this makes the nation feel the pinch. The elderly need high standard and affordable health care coverage but this can pose a very big challenge that can impact hard on the public. It can increase longevity and also help to reduce the deficit in the national budget of America.

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