How to Get the Most from Your Customer Interviews Advice for Professional Photographers

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Client meetups are so critical for your business and your reputation that plenty of thought and care should be put into them. Many a wedding photographer will feel that showing a straightforward album of their work is sufficiently good to close a deal. This is not true, the world of pro photography is strongly competitive and everything that you do towards increasing the quantity of clients that sign up is vital.

First you have got to decide where you are going to meet your client. Generally there are 3 choices:

– At your work (or home) address
– At the clients home
– At a neutral location convenient to you both.

Which you select will rely upon where you live and the kind of business you run. If you have got a studio in a town centre then everyone will come to you. However if you’re located out in the country then you’ll have to visit your client or meet at a local cafe.

If you have to meet away from home, try and select a location which is quiet, so that you can be heard without interruption and that appears like a quality venue. Choose a time of the day when the place is at it’s least busy “it is worth phoning the venue beforehand to check on their quiet times.

If you have to go to go to the bride try to be sure you take all you need to sign the contract, including detailed price lists and contracts. If you ask to put something in the post, then there is always the chance that they may change their mind.

When you organize the meeting, try to make certain that all of the decision makers are present. This is frequently family of the bride or groom who might be stumping up for the event.

If the bride comes to your studio confirm it is clean, neat and smells fresh. There is little worse than working into somebody’s house and feeling that you need to walk right back out again.

If possible run a display on a giant projector or big high definition display. Size does matter and folk will be impressed by the scale of the photographs which they’re used to viewing on a little PC screen.

Put lots of work into your display albums “ensure that they are really provoking and show off the specific features you are attempting to emphasise.

Always talk in positive terms about the things which you’ll be doing for them. Talk as if you are their chosen shutter-bug. Before they leave “ask for the business “never let them go with a straightforward many thanks. They could have made their call and are willing to sign now “explain that dates are going swiftly and you would love to cover their marriage.

In summary, treat folks with respect and kindness and treat them in the same way you want to be treated by a 5 start hotel. Remember, you are selling a 5 star service.

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