How Does A Boater Survive the Current Economic Storm?

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It really doesn’t matter what your politics are. Anyone is aware of what’s happening in the world right now. And boy, do I mean changed. From a comfortable lifestyle to financial wasteland. In just a couple of short years. We now live in a country where unnecessary expenditures (aka hobbies) just might well be a thing of the past, as eating regularly moves up the priority list.

So, how does a fisherman survive? This article will scrutinize the question ad provide some answers.

I have an in-the-water boat and I can no longer afford gas and dockage . What will I do? The answer is kinda complicated but there is one .. null Now for the dockage situation.. move to a cheaper dock, or pull the boat out and store it on land. null If you have a boat ramp nearby there are boat movers that have in-the-water trailers that can actually back down the ramp and load your big boat just as if it was a small trailerable one. Yep, we are talking about semi-trailers that are submersible. Now with the boat loaded up, you can move your boat to a cheaper on land storage location. Not a permanent answer, but perhaps it is helpful at least until the next election.

I have to sell .. I cannot afford to keep my boat any longer. Sounds tough, but there are answers. null null You can always donate your boat as a tax deduction to some worthwhile charity, or simply give it to a friend. The alternatives are not really favorable but the more popular the brand name and the better condition it is in will be better in selling it.

So what does the future hold for boaters/fishermen? It is indeed rather unsure to simply state the obvious. The 2012 election will probably have a great deal of impact on all areas of our e economy and boating/fishing will be in the mix. If your boating is recreational in nature, it doesn’t look real good for the near future. For those who earn their living from boats and the fishing industry, it will be tough but necessary. For the rest of us.. down-sizing . Infrequent use . a change in hobbies . All of these things may in fact be in our near if not long term future. We will continue to monitor and report on this situation as time passes and we will all hope for the return of “a better boating day”.

null null As a lifetime boater, a Licensed Coast Guard Captain-100 ton Master, and the owner of several boats myself, I welcome your ideas, comments, and suggestions.

Thanks for your time and attention,

Capn Bill

Capn Bill is a Licensed Coast Guard Captain-100 ton Master and a lifetime boater. He has over 50 years experience both onshore and offshore and his articleswill answer many of the questions you might have about boating.

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