Here’s Why web marketers Should Use SM Fan Pages To Get Online Presence

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In our last issue, we talked about how you’ll be able to use Facebook to bring in new consumers to your company. In this issue we are going to talk more about creating a Facebook Fan page for your business.

Any successful business executes a good amount of social interaction and social media management. Without having good rapport with your audience and without having reliable online presence, business is dead.

A lot of business entrepreneurs have proven Facebook marketing as one of the most effective ways out there when it comes to generating targeted traffic. It works amazingly that it can pretty much make or break any start up business.

As noted before, setting up a Fan Page is beneficial for new and established businesses alike. This will help their prospective customers easily relate to them. People look for official websites to evaluate a company’s credibility. However, a Facebook Fan Page, as long as it’s professionally managed, will do in case you have no website.

Another thing about credibility. a Facebook fan page is far more efficient that a personal account if you want to establish a sense of official presence to the details you place in your page. A simple profile page is best left to individuals. When choosing a company name, consider searching for names similar to your own in the same industry as your own business.

For example, if your company name is TASTY Ice Cream and you find a page with almost the same name in the same industry, then find a way to differentiate your name. You can use descriptions like TASTY Philadelphia Homemade Ice Cream. With this, you are hitting two birds using one stone. You’ve just given out your location right away which helps your audience in determining your geographical background and you’ve found a way to make your name sound different from the other.

This can be done after you’ve set up a user name. A user name can only be established once your Fan page has 25 fans.

Another way to make your business more credible is to provide answers to each necessary question in your profile. A profile that’s complete with background, short history, other contact details and store locations is essential. You’ll also want to add a touch of creativity to your content. In many cases, people will regard your profile as the basis whether they would add you or not. You should always keep in mind that a successful Facebook Fan Page means having a continuous flow of followers online.

When using Facebook for Business, part of building a good brand is by customizing it by adding store photos, product photos, notes and the like. Remember to be careful with what you are posting though. If you don’t want your photos stolen, place a watermark as a precaution. You must remember that you are building a brand here. Anything too personal might make you lose credibility, so do not add photos that might compromise your brand such as personal photos, informal company party documentation, internal problem discussions and the like. Lastly, never forget to add your contact numbers and store addresses.

Besides Facebook, you can also use other social networking sites like YouTube and Twitter to get a more solid online presence.

Be sure that you look for your next issue soon. You will figure out how to get people to like your Facebook business page.

Is your business using Facebook for Business? If not, what’s keeping you? Find out more about Facebook marketing here.

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