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Grab Your Clients by Answering These 3 Questions

Comments Off on Grab Your Clients by Answering These 3 Questions 23 December 2009

Answering the right question is paramount

Answering the right question is paramount

With globalization, marketers face ever-increasing competition from marketers around the world. But by taking extra steps to distinguish your product or service from your competitors, success in the global market becomes achievable. A lot of marketing can fall flat on its face for the simple fact that your prospects don’t understand and recognize the benefits you offer. Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself before beginning your marketing campaign:

How will your customer benefit from the product or service you offer?

What are the advantages over your competition?

What need will you satisfy in the customer?

If you’re marketing a product

If your product isn’t easily understood in a few seconds, make sure you clearly describe its features and benefits that it offers. Products are tangible, so make sure you show off its benefits. Have images and videos of the product being used by a model.

If you’re marketing a service

The service sector is different in that there are no tangible goods that is exchanged. Instead of features of a product, you will have to sell yourself or your company. What type of expertise and capabilities do you have? Prominently show that you offer quality, excellent service and that your promise will be delivered.

What type of advantage do you have over your competition?

Do you offer a wider selection of products that meet the unique demands of each individual customer? Do you offer a lower priced solution? Are your products shipped faster than your competition? Or does your service complete its requirements faster than that of your competition?  Answer these questions and more. Get creative with your advantages; offer something that the competition fails to recognize.

Satisfying customer needs

Pinpoint and market to customers that are in need of what you’re offering. The ‘shotgun’ approach to marketing may bring some results in, but the ROI will not be something to write home about. To pinpoint your market, you first need to understand what needs you are satisfying in your customers. For example, if you’re selling kitchenware, ask yourself what needs you’re fulfilling in the customer. Some customers may want the least expensive fork to replace their aging set and some customers may want a fork that is branded with prestige and quality. It is the marketer’s job to research and understand the needs of your particular customers and tailor the message to them.

When marketing your message base them on the points above. Does your marketing message or print advertisement communicate the benefits you offer? Do potential clients easily understand the message? Is the message intended for everyone? Or is it intended for a select few?

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