GMAT Reading Is No Usual Reading

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We read generally to gain knowledge about the subject matter we are reading; be it for an exam or a business proposal. Or we read when we have a normal interest in the topic at hand, as leisurely reading.

One of the foremost skills business schools look for is reading comprehension which tests critical thinking and time management abilities. If you can master these, it not only gives a boost to your exam score but lets you succeed in the b-school and beyond.

GMAT reading involves history, botanical / zoological / microbiological / biotechnological tasks , technological discoveries , and world politics and more. GMAT passages to be read are not exactly expected to be memorized.

GMAT reading requires a special approach in order to make the most use of it. Pay interest to the structural model of the content to simplify your reading. A simple example: while reading a biographical passage on Abraham Lincoln, you can streamline it into parts dedicated to his childhood, his education, his hard work, his first meet with the politics, the process of his becoming the president, the factors that led him to exterminate slavery, how he worked towards achieving this aim , his assassination , etc. For passages that places two contrasting theories against each other, the conclusion will (in most cases) hold up to one conclusion.

For special details, probe the reason they are there for, instead of what they actually are. Questions like “Why is this detail important?” or “What’s the purpose behind this paragraph?” should be asked when you read. They will keep you from getting tired as you engage in focused reading.


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