Giving Honest Feedback To Employees

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It shouldn’t be news to you that employees, on some level, regard you with some level of fear and nervousness. You are in charge of them after all, and their employment depends on you. You basically have control over every aspect of the business. Of course, their success also depends on how well they do their jobs, and it is up to you to determine how well they are doing indeed. Now employees might not realize it, but you yourself may encounter a bit of nervousness and hesitation when it comes to providing them with feedback on the quality of their work. That’s why you have to learn how you can do this without being brutally honest and yet still being truthful, and also how to be more confident when giving a performance review.

Among the things you should think about to help you give an honest and accurate review is for you to establish your standards. What were the things you were expecting from each employee? Did they meet your expectations in the past year or the past few months? When you have identified these, you can measure an employee’s progress more easily.

Ideally, months before undertaking the review, you should have made it a point to observe your employees. You are not just going to remark on how they do their jobs. You will also need to highlight their potential and their weaknesses. Employees may even be surprised that you have been observing them closely.

Remember that reviewing the quality of your employees’ work goes well beyond giving them scores for how well they’ve done their jobs. What you want them to take away from it is a sense of what they are good at and what potential they should be exploring. You want them to love their jobs and still be challenged in their positions, and your review should communicate your confidence in their ability to do more.

Of course, you also need to remember that giving employees feedback shouldn’t just happen twice a year or every quarter. If you really want to measure your employees’ progress, then you might want to think about giving them feedback on their jobs every month. This can help you see where they are improving, and this also helps you to stay on top of any potential problem that they may encounter in their jobs. So don’t just rely on the scheduled performance reviews to tell employees that you’ve noticed their improvements or any problems.

Part of being successful in the inner game of work is being honest with your employees. Make sure to provide them with truthful, yet constructive feedback during staff performance reviews.

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