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Giving a calendar as a gift goes a long way in both business and family

Comments Off on Giving a calendar as a gift goes a long way in both business and family 23 June 2010

Calendars make a great gift

Calendars make a great gift

It’s never too early to begin your calendar design and printing for the coming year. Calendars make a great gift for people you do business with, along with family members. After being in the marketing department of a medium sized business, I always looked forward to a fresh new calendars at the end of the year.

From the point of the receiver, calendars are a very useful gift in planning and increasing productivity. Although one might think that since everyone gives out calendars at the end of the year, that their calendar will probably end up in the trash, but this isn’t the case if you create calendars that offer great value to the user. (I’ll be covering ideas and tips for creating great calendars in a later post)

Today, I’ll be highlighting some benefits of online printers when it comes to calendar printing.

Less Stress, More Time for You

By having your calendar printed by an online printer, you’ll be able to save a lot of time over other printing channels. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a great long relationship with your current brick and mortar printer, by all means keep the relationship. But if you’re ready for a change, online printers make it easy for you to look up pricing and turnaround time. You’ll encounter less stress because all you’ll have to do is to upload your catalog design file and the rest is taken care by the printer. You can also log in to their website and see which stage your printing is in.
Faster Turnaround
Most of the time, online printing companies offer faster turn around time, and with some products, you can even choose expedited printing for a reasonable fee.

Lower Costs

Yup, although your local printing company maybe offering you the best prices they can, online printer are usually able to offer lower prices because their main interface is through the Internet, which cuts a lot of costs. But again, if you want to support your local printers, I fully respect that and the best to them. You can also give them a heads up on about taking their business on the Internet if they want to keep competitive though!

There are a lot more benefits to going with an online printing company, but these benefits should be great enough for you to take the plunge and try it for yourself!

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