Getting Your Target Market Pick Your Brochure Out

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While making a brochure stand out from other printed advertisements is not an easy task, it’s also not extremely challenging. There are only few tricks to remember in creating a stand out brochure.

They are everywhere. They are in shopping centers, airports, grocery aisles, terminals, conventions, and anywhere else. Brochures of various sizes and hues invade every nook and corner of jam-packed places. Sometimes they are ignored, sometimes passersby get them for data. There are even times when people pick them up to beat boredom. But whatever reason they have, pamphlets are only there when you need them.

There’s no doubt that they are attention-grabbing, their flashy colors or big heavy font and their strategic locations made certain they would get your notice. But with all the other brochures out there, catching your notice isn’t sufficient. The real test of a great pamphlet is that it will stick out in the sea of other colorful brochures, enough to have you take one out from the rest.

First, know your target market. This is a very important step. You may have designed the most original cover you could think of, complete with cute killer teddies and blood-sucking Robert Pattinson-look-a-like mini vampires, but are you sure your target market of grown up men ages 30 to 50 would bite into that? Without knowing your target readers, all efforts you poured into your brochure would be useless. You should reach out to your target market with materials that they need and understand. They may not exactly need it, but wanting and understanding it is enough.

Merely because a brochure ordinarily has multiple pages, it doesn’t mean it can look like a full chapter ripped out from a book. Make a title text that summarizes the whole aim of the brochure. A one-word title in large readable font would be ideal. Just follow it up with an accompanying caption that further explains the pamphlet. Also, keep the data short and to the point on the next pages. It should be easy to read so your readers will really read it from start to end.

Don’t leave out your company’s name and contact info. After getting the attention of your readers, they would naturally wish to learn more. And what good would your brochure do if they can’t refer possible customers back to you?

Design your brochure on how your intended readers will like it and what your subject matter is all about. How would a pamphlet about nutrition facts catch the attention of busy moms scouring grocery store aisles while balancing their toddlers on their cart? If you believe cutting your pamphlet into a shape resembling a grocery pushcart would make them notice it, then by all means, do so. Color and font style should also be taken into consideration. And just like info, design overload may also kill your brochure. Stick to one idea and utilize it on all the pages.

Finally, the brochures must be located in an obvious site where your target readers mostly stay. People won’t bother to pick up a pamphlet that says about a big shopping mall sale event that is happening in another city. A brochure about an eatery’s big buffet event is also unlikely to be noticed if placed in a stand near a fitness gym.

The said methods are only some of the basic steps to consider in getting a brochure stand out. There are those who would add fanciful and glimmering texts, and would have their pamphlets personally given out by appealing ladies, which are just fine. But follow the basics first before adding some more to ascertain your brochures and your content would be read by your target readers.

Do you notice that many business establishments use brochures for their promotional materials? Has it ever crossed your mind why these corporations utilize brochures? It is perhaps because print ads are highly effective for the purpose.

A Corporate Brochure is a highly effective business marketing component. See how brochures will help you rake in profits.. This article, Getting Your Target Market Pick Your Brochure Out has free reprint rights.

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