Getting To Know The Starter Kit Of Joye 510 Ecig

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Since their introduction, electronic cigarettes have changed the way many smokers smoke. There are so many brands these days, and one of the most popular is the Joye 510 ecig. Sometimes it’s also distributed as the Titan Yeti, Dura-C and Janti Dura. If you’re a smoker and you’re thinking of making that big switch from smoking to vaping, getting a starter kit is the very first step you need to take.

As the name suggests, a starter kit contains all the essentials to get you started right away in the world of vaping. This product comes in a 3-piece design, which is also employed by many other brands out there. The kit includes: atomizers (2), manual batteries (2), charger and the cable (1), refillable cartridges already pre-filled (5) and the user’s guide for correct product usage.

Converting e-juice into vapor is the part known as atomizer. Some starter kits you may find out there provide only one of it. But in here a pair is included. It’s important to have an extra atomizer with you. That’s because it’s susceptible to clogging up and conking out after some time. There are some factors why this happens. Some of them are the product’s general quality and how often the device is used.

Many users like a manual battery much better than an automatic one. The manual battery that comes with the kit has a switch. You press on this a for few seconds before puffing via the mouthpiece for superb throat hit. Since the kit includes a pair of manual batteries, you can always have a spare one with you. A charger comes with the starter kit for recharging the batteries.

With multiple cartridges already included, you know that a starter kit gives you the best value for your money. This particular one comes with 5 refillable cartridges, and each one of them is already pre-filled. All of them come in high-strength for maximum nicotine supply. To ensure excellent product performance, the e-juice used for refilling should be purchased from the same manufacturer.

Speaking of e-juice, there are numerous flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from. Some of the flavors currently available include menthol, regular, banana, blueberry, grape, peanut butter, watermelon, cappuccino, vanilla and cola. There are also those which mimic the flavors of popular cigarette brands. Compared to other brands, this is one of those which carry an assortment of flavors.

Nicotine strengths available range from 0 mg to 24 mg. Many first timers go for full 24 mg nicotine. However, some of them, especially those who like to curtail their craving for nicotine, eventually switch to lower dosages. But for those who simply like to enjoy the same physical sensation of smoking the real deal, 0 mg is ideal for them.

The color of the device also varies, so you should decide on one which you prefer before actually paying for the Joye 510 ecig kit. Available colors are black, white, blue, pink, purple, green, copper and stainless steel. The tips of the battery also light up when you take a drag. LED colors vary, depending on the device color you pick. For instance, white models got red LED tips, while black ones got blue.

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