Get Continuing Insurance Education Credits to Keep Your License Valid

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Insurance education is required for applicants who wish to become agents. They must pass tests that show their knowledge is sufficient to help their clients. Each state has its own exam. It is a complicated industry, with many rules and regulations. Knowledge of all facets of it is essential to provide a valuable service to clients.

The insurance industry was developed to protect people from loss due to accidents. It was not designed to put the policy holder in better financial condition, only to compensate for the losses they have incurred. Typically, policies with higher deductibles are less expensive because there is less risk involved for the company.

Developed to help people recover from financially damaging accidents, the insurance industry acts by pooling policy payments. When some of its members suffer financial losses due to accidents, money is taken from the pool. Companies may stop selling certain types of insurance, for example flood insurance, if the losses in an area are too high. There are very strict regulations concerning this.

The only people authorized to sell policies are licensed agents. Each type of policy requires that a license be held. Some of the types include life and health or property and casualty. When looking for the required test, look for the relevant number of the test. They are named using numbers, like Series 63 or Series 6.

Financial advisers who are involved in the stock market and other investment tools must take the Series 7 test. It is a very difficult examination that covers all aspects of the industry. Those who will be taking the test often study for six months or more to pass it. There are courses available to help them to prepare for it.

In addition to the initial licensing tests, agents are required to obtain continuing education credits to maintain licenses. For the most part, each state has its own requirements concerning the number of hours required. The courses are self-study and can be taken online to meet requirements. Your state regulations will let you know what is required.

At minimum, a bachelor’s degree is required for potential insurance sales people. They are hired on a probationary basis and must complete the requirements for the licensing within a certain period of time. When getting a bachelor’s degree, those who look forward to a career in insurance get a major in business courses. Other courses in public speaking are also very helpful. Daily interaction with customers or groups of customers is mandatory.

Take advantage of insurance education so you can continue to take care of your clients. It will help you to refresh your knowledge and help them even better. Check with your locality for the regulations that apply.

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