Fresh Content With PLR Articles In 10 Minutes

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The objective of this article is to hopefully help those of you who can’t appear to rework those PLR articles into fresh content the search engines will love. To start with, I’d love to say straight up I can’t assure you will take every PLR article and make it unique in ten min. Basically, I do not know you and each person has different situations for example a few of you may be able to type 100 wpm while others are hunt and peck typers.

What I am stating is I personally have taken articles and made them unique within ten minutes. In some instances, it has taken 30 minutes to an hour based on the type and length of the content.

If you own a lot of Private Label Rights Articles and they’re simply sitting on your hard drive because you feel it simply takes too long to make them unique or too costly to have them rewritten then you’ll wish to read this article.

A few of the things you can do with PLR articles is turn them into a paid product, or add them to another PLR ebook to make a new product completely.

You really only want to make yourself a bit more unique than everyone else around promoting the same PLR ebooks and articles and by combining PLR’s together, you can be more unique.

One more truly good idea is to make audio eBooks from some of the PLR articles you have not doing anything but sitting on your hard drive. Audio files are an easier way for people to get the information they are searching for but prefer to not read it.

Not just is the audio files more convenient but you can also charge more for this kind of media because of the perceived value and the ease of use.

Now that I’ve given you some ideas of what can be done with articles and eBooks, I’ll go ahead and walk through one of the methods I personally use. With that stated, let’s go ahead and begin!

To start with, you should change the title to something that is a good match to the content and also something that would have 1 or 2 good keywords in the title.

Normally I will take an article that has about 500 words and add a short paragraph at the start and maybe at the close, usually only the start is sufficient.

After the title is changed and a paragraph is added in then it’s time for the content to be changed. I have found the fastest way to do this is as I’m reading through the article, change the words into my own. Maybe I’ll put in a sentence or delete a sentence as I’m going through the content this really is Dependant on the flow of the original article.

As soon as this has been completed, it is time to proof read the new article. Lastly after any errors are corrected, I’ll read the whole article one more time to make certain that it has good content and that people will truly reap the benefits of the content.

The final step is to get my article published. I personally use The reason I use them is they will distribute your article to more than 40,000 publishers and hundreds of article sites. They charge a fee per article however it is really worth the money and the time you save by submitting just one time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and it has been useful.

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