Four Effortless Steps In CraftingYour Custom Logo Pen And Pencil Holders

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One instrument to keep pens and pencils organized is to keep things in a certain site. Keeping them unorganized might lead to lost of pens and pencil and other vital. This is the general problem that bugs the public when it comes to such type of item. Thank goodness there are promotional pens and pencil holders that can be exhausted to keep these long, small and handy freebie well arranged. On the other hand, if you don’t want your coffee mug to be the customized pen and pencil holder that you can exhibit in your office desks, why don’t you just fabricate you own?

Forging your own promotional pen and pencil holders is not troublesome. Nevertheless, it would be more painless for you to just attain from your trusted providers and have them custom logo according to your liking but if you really want to provide hand made ones a shot, here are the instructions that you can look at.

Materials Needed:

Used Can (preferably those used to contain shoestring potato chips) Construction Paper Decorative Items Glue Gun Glue Stick Scissors

Step One. Elicit a used can of shoestring potato chips. It would be useful if you have the small can. Just clean the inner portion of the can without splashing it with water. plaster it with construction paper with the color of your choice. Keep in mind of to secure both ends of the paper with a glue gun.

Step Two. Outline your own promotional pen and pencil holder. Use other colors of construction paper and draw an outline of anything that you consider would look charming in your holder. You can also have magazine cutouts if you don’t want to make a drawing your own.

Step Three. Complete your creation with some finishing touches. You can wrap it with plastic cover and employ a blower to tighten it. This will keep all the design all intact.

Step Four. Once the entire merchandise is finished, exhaust your promotional pen and pencil holder by placing all the pens and pencils that you have in your desk.

Surely, producing your own customized pen and pencil holder is as easy as counting 1-2-3. invent you own now experiment on unlimited possibilities that you can use to draft custom made pen and pencil holders. Aside from pushing your limits when it comes to unleashing your artistic side, you are also able to organize a little bit.

Neela Vazzana is a promotional items master on Promotional Pencil and Pencil Holders & Corporate Logo Drawing Instruments. Read posts by Neela Vazzana on how you can market your business.

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